12 Days of OverPlay Giveaway

What better way to start the holiday season than with a giveaway.  The team at OverPlay will be giving away a lot of cool prizes over the next 12 days.  The prize list includes free OverPlay service, Spotify Premium, Tile Lost and Found device, Buffalo wireless router and more.  Visit the 12 Days of OverPlay Giveaway page for your chance to win.  They will be giving away a different prize each day from December 4th through December 19th.

12 Days of OverPlay Giveaway

OverPlay is a leading provider of SmartDNS and VPN services.  We’re particularly fond of their SmartDNS solution.  It’s perfect for watching live events like NFL and college football games.  Along with streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.  The OverPlay VPN service will take things a step further and help protect your privacy online.  Connect to any of the VPN servers in 48 countries and encrypt your data.

SmartDNS is easy to use.  You simply change your DNS settings to those provided by OverPlay.  If you’re not comfortable doing that the OverPlay team has a client you can use to connect as well.  Either way you’ll have access to content in other countries that would otherwise be blocked.  A good example is BBC content.  If you want to watch BBC programming from outside  the UK you can with OverPlay’s Smart DNS.

OverPlay VPN is also simple to use.  They provide a nice custom app for both Windows and Mac.  I’ve used it for years and can vouch for how easy it is to connect and switch between server locations.  VPN members have access to every server location plus their popular Smart DNS service.  It’s really the best of both worlds.  You can use Smart DNS to unblock content and the VPN service to help protect your online privacy.

Here’s a quick look at the prize list:

Prize list

The 12 Days of OverPlay Giveaway is currently under way.  They launched the giveaway page earlier today so I suggest you head on over and enter to win.  Along with the chance to win a Buffalo AirStation wireless router the OverPlay team is offering some nice discounts on SmartDNS access.  You can enjoy unlimited SmartDNS for $4.95 a month or a full year of access for just $49.95.  Visit OverPlay.com to save on SmartDNS and VPN.