Astrill Down : Find Reliable Alternatives

Astrill members have been without access for nearly a day now.  According to their twitter posts the incident has been caused by a problem with their hosting provider.  That doesn’t sound too reassuring coming from a company members rely on for privacy.  We’ve heard from members who have been without access for almost a day now.  They are pissed off and rightly so are letting it be known on Twitter.  It appears the fix won’t come for at least a few more hours.  Leaving Astrill members hung out to dry and left to seek reliable alternatives.

Astrill Down

There are several alternatives to Astrill and some of them offer a nice selection of server locations and features so you won’t be left behind.  Our top choice for Astrill customers looking to move would be IPVanish.  They are a tier-1 provider meaning they manage their own VPN network.  They won’t point to an outside hosting company as the reason for a long outage.  Nor have they ever had a network wide outage.  They are fast and reliable.

IPVanish offers our readers a discount so you can enjoy unlimited VPN access from just $5.20 a month.  That includes unlimited access to over 100 servers in 47 countries and growing.  You’ll find their network to be much faster than what you might be use to with other companies.  Especially when connecting to servers in North America and throughout Europe.  They have free Windows and Mac clients along with iOS and Android apps.

Hide My Ass is another good option.  They are a bit pricier but they have the largest network with servers spanning 64 countries.  Hide My Ass is well known for their quality of service.  While not as fast as IPVanish, HMA offers more locations and is quite reliable.  They also have a free client for Windows and Mac users.  Along with an iOS app and set up guide for Android.  Hide My Ass offers unlimited VPN from $6.55 a month.

Private Internet Access has grown into a leading VPN service based on a balance of quality and value.  They don’t offer a large network in terms of server locations (10 countries) compared to IPVanish and HMA.  Instead they focus on value.  PIA is a favorite among torrent users.  They are well respected in the file sharing community.  Best of all PIA is cheap.  They offer our readers unlimited VPN access from just $3.25 a month.

Some other good alternatives include ExpressVPN, PureVPN, VPN4ALL, OverPlay and StrongVPN.  It really depends on your needs.  You can take a look at our VPN service page to compare over 300 providers.  We have used all of the companies listed in this post.  You’ll find full reviews along with performance tests and any special promotions they might be currently offering on our site.  We also list free trials for testing.