Should BolehVPN Accept Dogecoin?

The team over at BolehVPN are considering a new payment method.  They are thinking about adding Dogecoin but first they would like to hear what you think.  Would you like to pay for VPN access with Dogecoin?  BolehVPN currently accepts Bitcoin so the addition of Dogecoin will give you the option of two cyber currencies to choose from.  I personally like the idea of having cyber payment options for anonymity services like BolehVPN.

BolehVPN Doecoin

My goal for this post is to help spread the word to VPN users that might not be part of BolehVPN.  If you are a proponent of digital currenies like Dogecoin and would consider using it to pay for BolehVPN service then please speak up and let them know.  You can comment on their associated blog post.  You can also let them know by hitting up the BolehVPN team on Twitter @BolehVPN or by commenting on their Facebook page.

This is what the BolehVPN team had to say on their blog:

We are seriously considering accepting DogeCoin for BolehVPN services though perhaps on a small scale to start with (restricted to 30 day and 60 day packages until we’re a bit more confident and would scale up from there :P). Obviously there’s work that needs to be done if it’s to be fully integrated into our customer portal so we were just gauging interest.

Cheers to our friends over at BolehVPN for continuing to innovate and taking the opinion of members (and future customers) into consideration.  Please let them know if you would like to see Dogecoin payments added.

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