5 Best World Cup VPN Deals

After all the waiting and anticipation it’s finally time for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.  A lot of VPN companies are big fans as well.  They’ve been planning for the event for months.  Today marks some of the best VPN deals of the year.  There’s no reason to miss a second of the action with several leading VPN providers offering deep discounts.  Watch all the World Cup matches from sites around the world with a fast, reliable VPN service.

Let’s jump right into the deals.  All the specials listed below are active.  They are also time limited so you’ll want to sign up soon to save.  We’ll list them in order based on quality of service.  The providers listed are all VPNSP Editors Choice winners.  I highly recommend all of them for fast, reliable access to the World Cup.

1. ExpressVPN – VPN + SmartDNS from just $6.67 a month

ExpressVPN World Cup Promo

ExpressVPN members enjoy unlimited VPN and SmartDNS.  You can use ExpressVPN’s network of VPN servers located in 94 countries (full list) along with support for SSTP, PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN.  New members can enjoy a 15 months of unlimited VPN from just $6.67 a month.

2. Private Internet Access – unlimited VPN from just $2.50 a month

PIA World Cup Discount

Private Internet Access doesn’t have quite as large a network but they are arguably the best value.  PIA is known for speed and privacy.  They are a favorite of the P2P community.  The PIA team manages a network of VPN servers in 10 countries.  You can see the flags above.  Make sure your World Cup coverage falls into one of them.  If so enjoy unlimited VPN from just $2.50 a month.

3. IPVanish – unlimited VPN from just $4.87 a month

IPVanish coupon

IPVanish is a fine choice for World Cup coverage.  They manage a tier-1 network of VPN servers in 60 countries.  Managing their own network gives them fast performance.  When speed counts IPVanish is hands down a great choice.  They have free client software for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  Along with free mobile apps for iOS and Android.  Enjoy unlimited VPN from $4.87 a month.

4. CyberGhost – unlimited VPN from just $2.75 a month

CyberGhost World Cup

CyberGhost has gone all out for the World Cup.  They are offering an excellent price and have set up the VPN client to easily unblock a number of popular streaming services.  Stream the World Cup matches from various countries. Speed and reliability are not an issue as CyberGhost manages a network of servers in 60 countries.  Enjoy unlimited VPN from $2.75 a month.

5. Hide My Ass – unlimited VPN from just $5.99 a month

HMA World Cup Deal

If you’re new to VPN then you’ll likely get a laugh out of the Hide My Ass name.  Don’t let the name fool you though.  HMA is a huge, well known VPN.  They manage a network of over 900 servers across 190 countries.  Giving you a great selection of server locations to choose from.  Select from their Windows, Mac, iOS and Android apps.  Enjoy unlimited access from $5.99 a month.

In addition to the great VPN deals our friends over at FlashRouters are offering discounts on their custom VPN routers.  If you haven’t had a chance to try out a DD-WRT or Tomato router you should check out the video on their homepage.  FlashRouters will be running specials throughout the World Cup so check them out.

You can visit VPNSP.com to learn more about VPN services.  Follow us @VPNSP for the latest news and deals.

ibVPN Anniversary Sale

ibVPN is celebrating the eight year anniversary of their online privacy service by offering up to 78 off two years of unlimited VPN access.  The ibVPN team is celebrating their 8th anniversary with a sale on their VPN and Smart DNS services.  This year they are offering a promotion with discounts ranging from 69% to 78% on all plans.  Visit the ibVPN sale page for your chance to take advantage of the great sales prices.

ibVPN Anniversary Sale

Cheers to ibVPN as they celebrate eight years of service this week.  We’ve been around since they started and are happy to see them continuing to grow and innovate.  We’re especially fond of their ibDNS feature that makes it easy and fast for users to stream content in other countries.  Remember to sign up during the promo to save up to 78% off during the ibVPN anniversary celebration.

ibVPN sale

There are four ibVPN plans to choose from. My favorite is the Ultimate VPN plan which includes access to 180+ servers in 57 countries. Those who want support for torrent downloads will want to choose their Torrent VPN or step up to the Ultimate VPN plan. If you want to unblock content in other countries but don’t need the privacy protection of a VPN, then the ibDNS plan is a good choice.

We’ll end by sharing a video ibVPN published a few year’s ago to celebrate their anniversary.

Read our ibVPN review to learn more and sign up on during their anniversary sale to save.

Private Internet Access Holiday Sale

We’d like to start by thanking Private Internet Access for offering our visitors a discount on their popular VPN service.  With some of the lowest price we’ve seen from a leading provider.  You won’t need a coupon code to take advantage of the discount.  Simply visit our PIA Holiday Special page and enjoy unlimited VPN for $59.95 for 2 years.  That works out to just $2.50 a month for 24 months of fast, reliable VPN access.

PIA Holiday deal

Don’t miss out on one of the best VPN deals of the year.  Please share the promotion with your friends.  PIA is perhaps the best value in VPN.  With a mix of server locations in important areas and a price that’s hard to beat.  Along with a strong no-log policy.  Making Private Internet Access a favorite of many VPN users.  I’m especially fond of their Windows client which includes a VPN kill switch option and configurable levels of encryption.

Let’s review PIA’s VPN service real quick.  They manage a network of over 3,000 VPN servers across 25 countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Netherlands, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, and many more.  You can connect using their free VPN client.  The service supports OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP protocols.  Connect with up to 5 devices simultaneously with a single account.  All new members are covered under PIA’s 7 day money back guarantee.

You can read our Private Internet Access review to learn more or visit the PIA special page to save.

HideMyAss Summer Special

HideMyAss is celebrating the Summer season with a special offer on their HMA Pro VPN service.  You can save up to 56% off.  The discount is recurring so you can enjoy the savings for the life of the account.   The promotion will be active through the end of August and the discount will stay active as long as you’re an HMA member.  This will give you a chance to follow your favorite summer sporting events and travel with the assurance that your Internet connection is encrypted. Sign up to enjoy unlimited VPN access from just $4.99 a month.

HMA Summer Sale

Hide My Ass is more than just protection for your desktop or laptop at home.  You can use the free HMA Pro client to protect your PC or Mac but the service goes well beyond that.  With support for iPhone, iPad, Android devices and DD-WRT routers.  You can even use a VPN router to protect every device on your wireless network.  Including game consoles, media players, tablets and more.  Encrypt all your online activities.

Let’s take a closer look at the special pricing HMA is offering for the summer season:

The annual plan works out to just $4.99 a month for unlimited access to HMA’s large network.  We’re talking 720 servers in 190 countries and growing.  You can easily switch between server locations anytime with their free HMA Pro client or on your mobile device.  With support for OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP connections you can choose between maximum protection and performance.  Finding the right balance based on your needs.

The Hide My Ass Summer Vacation promotion is already live.  You won’t need a coupon code to take advantage of the offers.  Just visit the Hide My Ass Summer Promotion page before the end of the month to save.

IPVanish New Year’s Promotion

As we get ready to ring in the new year, this is a time to reflect on 2016 and plan for the year ahead. Many people make New Year’s resolutions. Rather than go with the ever popular join a gym that normally ends within a few weeks I encourage you to consider something different this time around. With the increased rise in online fraud and attacks you should take a moment to plan for a safer 2017. Make sure you’re using strong passwords and not repeating them across websites. Make use of multi-factor authentication whenever possible. You will also want to encrypt your Internet traffic with a VPN. IPVanish is celebrating New Year’s by offering 20% off the first billing cycle. That means that you can sign up for a full year of VPN access for just $5.19 a month.

IPVanish New Year's Promo

Visit IPVanish.com and sign up using promo code NEWME2017 between now and Jan. 11th to save 20% off the first billing cycle.  That means you can enjoy a year of unlimited VPN access for just $5.19 a month.  That’s a good offer from a leading VPN service.  They have kindly extended the promotion to our guests through January 11th so please share it with your friends and family so they can take advantage of the offer as well.  During the New Year’s promotion you can enjoy a full year of VPN for $62.39 which works out to just $5.19 a month.  That’s just over 17 cents a day to help protect your online privacy.

There are plenty of VPN deals going around so I want to be clear that this isn’t an offer from a company that’s new to the market.  IPVanish has held the top position in our VPN rankings (and those of most other review sites) for a long time now.  In my opinion they are the best of the best.  You will be hard pressed to find another VPN provider that offers the same level of service for a price comparable to IPVanish.  If you include the 20% off promotion they are priced below most the other top providers in the market.

I’ll give you a quick rundown of the service.  You can read our IPVanish review to learn more about the service.  IPVanish manages a top tier network of 400+ servers in over 60 countries around the world.  The fact that they manage their own network gives them more control than just about every other VPN service out there.  It gives IPVanish a speed advantage over the rest of the market as well.  They consistently rank the highest in our speed tests for a wide range of server locations in North American and throughout European.  Members have full access to their client software for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  Along with mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.  Connect on up to two devices at a time.  Better yet, you can configure your router to connect to IPVanish and protect your entire network with a single VPN account.  They even have a guide to help you set it up DD-WRT and Tomato routers.  That’s a great way to protect your entire family by encrypting everyone’s connections.  Remember to visit IPVanish.com by January 11th, and enter promo code NEWME2017 to save 20% off and enjoy unlimited VPN from just $5.19 a month.

StrongVPN White Hot Winter Sale

What better way to protect your new gadgets than with a subscription to a well known VPN service like StrongVPN. With the Christmas presents open and New Year’s ahead, our friends over at StrongVPN are running a White Hot Winter promotion. Starting today you can take 40% off any plan. The savings stack so you can enjoy unlimited VPN and SmartDNS access from just $3.49 a month. Earlier this month the StrongVPN team added their popular StrongDNS service to their VPN plans so you get the best of both worlds.

StrongVPN Winter Sale

StrongVPN is well suited for those who want to protect their online privacy and those who want to unblock geo-restrictions. The combination of VPN and SmartDNS makes the service quite powerful. For example, we use their VPN network while traveling and the SmartDNS service to avoid blackout games and watch content in other countries. The difference between the two comes down to encryption. The VPN will encrypt your connection which keeps your data secure and communications private. In contrast, the SmartDNS service runs at peak speed to unblock contect in other regions. Use it when you don’t need the privacy protection of a VPN.

Let’s take a quick look at the special pricing StrongVPN is offering during the White Hot Winter Sale:

StrongVPN Winter Sale pricing

StrongVPN normally costs $10 a month or $5.83/mo. for a full year of service. As you can see the cost have been discounted 40% off the regular pricing. You will also notice that the annual plan was discounted 41% in addition to the normal term savings. That means you can enjoy unlimited VPN and SmartDNS access for just $3.49 a month. We highly recommend the annual plan for the best possible price on a great VPN service. Remember that you can protect all your devices from PC, Mac, iOS, and Android with the StrongVPN software.

To take advantage of the offer simply visit the StrongVPN White Hot Winter Sale page and enter coupon code WHITEHOT during checkout. You can read our StrongVPN review to learn more about the service.

OverPlay Boxing Day Sale

OverPlay is celebrating Boxing Day with a promotion that exceeds anything we’ve seen them run in the past. That includes Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Everyone who signs up during the OverPlay Boxing Day Sale this week will receive SmartDNS + VPN for the price of SmartDNS alone. That means instead of paying $9.95 a month you can enjoy both the privacy protection of a VPN and the fast unblocking of geo restrictions through the SmartDNS for just $4.95 a month. Those who sign up for an annual account during the sale will get both services for just $4.16 a month. That’s by far the price price we’ve ever seen from OverPlay.

OverPlay Boxing Day Sale

Let me take a moment to explain how Smart DNS works fr those who are new to the technology.  When you use a SmartDNS service like OverPlay it masks your IP address so thata popular streaming services like Sling TV and channels like BBC iPlayer (a great site for the live sports) think you’re eligible to access their content.  I don’t want to confuse anyone.  Some sites are free to use like BBC while you’ll still need a paid subscription to services like Netflix and Hulu Plus.  The magic of SmartDNS is being able to access popular sites and services from anywhere in the world with the geo-restrictions that would otherwise block your access.

Now let’s specifically look at how OverPlay stacks up to the competition.  I use them and would highly recommend both their SmartDNS and VPN services.  The difference between the two technologies is encryption.  Their VPN service will encrypt your data along with masking your geo location.  The VPN adds a layer of privacy protection but the encryption will slow down your Internet connection just a bit.  In contrast, SmartDNS will unblock the geo-restrictions without any speed loss.  OverPlay will help unblock sites like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, BBC iPlayer, iTV Player, Pandora, Facebook, Twitter and more.

As you can see, having access to both VPN and Smart DNS service will give you the privacy protection when you need it and open access to geo restricted content regardless of where you might travel in the future. You can read our OverPlay review to learn more about their service. Remember to sign up during their Boxing Day Sale to enjoy SmartDNS + VPN from just $4.16 a month.

VyprVPN Holiday Special

The Golden Frog team is offering a special promotion to celebrate the holiday season.  You can save 40% off a full year of VPN access during the VyprVPN Holiday Special. The deal will end after the holidays.  The 25% discount applies to the ever popular VyprVPN Pro account.  The VyprVPN Pro account includes two connections which makes it an even better value.  VyprVPN is on sale for $59.99 a year which works out to just $5 a month.

VyprVPN Holiday Sale

I’ll give you a brief introduction to the Golden Frog’s VPN service.  VyprVPN is one of the only tier-1 providers in the world.  That means they manage their own network.  Giving VyprVPN a speed and cost advantage over most services.  They offer unlimited access to VPN servers in 60+ countries around the world.  Here’s a list of the countries in which VyprVPN hosts servers:

  • Europe – Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom
  • North America – Canada, Mexico, United States
  • Oceania – Australia, Marshall Islands, New Zealand
  • Africa – Algeria, Egypt
  • Central America – Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador
  • South America – Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Uruguay
  • Asia – Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Maldives, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam
  • Middle East – Bahrain, Israel, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates

VyprVPN offers members a number of other advantages.  Those who subscribe to their Pro plan can access the service using OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP protocols.  The Golden Frog team also developed their own Chameleon protocol which was designed to help those in areas like China connect to the service.  They also include VyprDNS and NAT firewall for additional protection.

Let’s take a look at the VyprVPN Holiday Sale:

  • VyprVPN Pro (up to 2 connections from just $5 a month

Once you sign up for access the next step is downloading the client software.  VyprVPN has custom client software for Windows and Mac.  Along with mobile apps for iOS and Android.  They also support a number of DD-WRT routers which will help protect your entire home network with a single VPN account.  Make sure you sign up for the VyprVPN Holiday Promotion by the end of 2016 to save 40% off a full year of VPN access.

IPVanish 25% Off Coupon Code

IPVanish is currently offering our visitors 25% off the first billing cycle of their popular VPN service.  A big thanks to the IPVanish team for offering the savings.  Best of all the 25% off coupon code will stack with their already discounted pricing.  With the IPVanish coupon code you can save 25% off in addition to the term savings on the first billing cycle of monthly, quarterly and annual plans.  Visit our IPVanish special page to save.

IPVanish coupon

If you’re new to personal VPN in general or IPVanish we’ll share some details of their service.  IPVanish is a top tier VPN provider.  That means they manage their own network of VPN servers.  Doing so allows them to consistently provide the fastest connection speeds in North America and throughout Europe.  Their Windows, Mac and mobile VPN clients allow members to easily switch between servers in 63 countries.  IPVanish supports OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP.  You can read our IPVanish review to learn more about the service.

StrongVPN Friendsgiving Promotion

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. That means consumers in the United States are about to celebrate Black Friday. Whether you’re in the US or abroad the combination of Cyber Monday and the holiday season are a great time to shop online. StrongVPN is joining in the celebration with their Friendsgiving Promotion. Save 25% off a full year of VPN access using coupon code FRIENDSGIVING at checkout. The promotion stacks on top of their normal term discount to help new members save up to 56% off unlimited VPN access from StrongVPN.

StrongVPN Friendsgiving Promo

StrongVPN was an early player in the personal VPN space and they continue to build on that reputation. This has been a banner year for StrongVPN as they consolidated their VPN plans into an all inclusive offering. Members can access any of their 400+ VPN servers in 21 countries around the world. You can connect using their client software for Windows or Mac. They also have easy to use VPN apps for iOS and Android.

Let’s take a closer look at the pricing for the Friendsgiving promotion:

StrongVPN Promo pricing

A year ago StrongVPN was priced as high as $30 a month. After transitioning to an all inclusive VPN plan the price was lowered to $10 a month. That’s a considerable drop in price. During their current promotion you can save an additional 56% off with unlimited VPN access from just $4.37 a month. To take advantage of the offer simply visit the StrongVPN Friendsgiving Promo page and enter coupon code FRIENDSGIVING during checkout. You can read our StrongVPN review to learn more about the service.