DNS Eraser Launches Beta

Update: we have 10 DNS Eraser beta invites to give away.  If you’d like one please send us a direct message on Twitter @VPNSP.  The invites will go to the first 10 people to send us a message.

DNS Eraser is a new Smart DNS service that recently launched.  They are currently in the private beta testing phase.  With 1,000 or so invites sent out for users to test the new service.  I’ve had a chance to try it out and am impressed by the ease of set up.  You simply log in and add your IP address to your DNS Eraser account.  From there you can choose from a number of channels in the US, UK and Canada.  Thanks to the DNS Eraser team we’ll have some invites to share in the days to come.  We’ll update this post as soon as we receive them.

DNS Eraser

I’ll provide a quick explanation of Smart DNS for those who might not be familiar with the technology yet.  Smart DNS differs from VPN.  With VPN you encrypt the connection which offers privacy protection but cam also slow down your connection speed.  With Smart DNS there isn’t any encryption.  Instead you simply change your DNS settings so that they pass through the provider’s servers.  In this case you set your DNS settings to send the requests through DNS Eraser.  Do so will help you unblock content in the US, UK and Canada.

Now that you have a better idea of what Smart DNS is and how it works let’s take a closer look at the new DNS Eraser service.  The goal of DNS Eraser is simple.  The service will help you unblock sites in other countries.  In the members area they list some of the domains which include Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Last.fm, ABC, Disney XD, CBS, Fox, NBC, Crackle, Crunchyroll and Amazon Instant Video.  You can select one of the channels as shown below or select a region which includes the United States, United Kingdom or Canada.

DNS Eraser channels

Please remember that DNS Eraser is currently in beta.  That means you might come across some errors or glitches in the service.  If you do please let them know.  Since the service is in beta they are offering it free of charge.  Once again DNS Eraser is in private beta.  Perhaps they will extend it in the future.  If you really want to try it out and don’t get in on one of our invites then I’d suggest you drop them an email or hit them up on Twitter.  It never hurts to ask.  Once the service is live for paying customers we’ll provide the pricing details.