ExpressVPN Walks on the Moon

You might think it would be enough to have servers in 39 countries around the world but that’s not enough for ExpressVPN.  They are taking the service lunar with a location on the moon.  The lunar expansion is a new breakthrough in technology.  Why confine your privacy to our planet when the moon is at your service.  Take a look at the new addition to the ExpressVPN client.  Along with their iOS and Android mobile apps.

ExpressVPN Client for Windows

Windows - Lunar

ExpressVPN iOS App

ExpressVPN iOS Lunar

ExpressVPN Android App

ExpressVPN Android Lunar

As you can see ExpressVPN is taking privacy to a whole new level with their new intergalactic initiatives.  We expect word from them on a Mars location in the near future.  You can read more about it in their blog post.

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