Facebook Ads Get More Personal

If you use Facebook on a regular basis then you’ve certainly noticed the sponsored stories and other ads targeted at gaining your business.  The Facebook team is about to turn that up several degrees through the use of new technology.  Direct response advertisers are going to be able to target ad messages to users who have previously visited their websites or used their mobile apps.  That means if you price a flight from your favorite airlines website and then visit Facebook you may see an ad from them targeting your interest in flying to your desired destination.

Facebok Advertising

Our primary focus for the blog is privacy related news.  Especially anything to do with VPN technology.  Even so I think it’s good to understand how sites like Facebook gather the information that goes into advertising.  In this case third party advertisers can now add a remarketing pixel to their site.  As you might guess the pixel helps them connect your actions on the marketers site to the targeted ads you’ll see on Facebook.  Shop for a pair of shoes online earlier?  If so don’t be surprised to see an ad from the vendor on Facebook.

The same is true for mobile apps.  Vendors can install the Facebook or third party SDK to help track users in the mobile app and serve them related ads on Facebook.  Don’t be surprised to see an ad encouraging you to come back and buy the items you left in your cart.  It might seem kind of creepy to have advertisements be so personal.  I know it does to me.  That’s definitely where Facebook, Google and other large online sites and services are headed.  Facebook might be free to use but your personal information is worth a lot of ad revenue.

In addition to the new audience targeting, Facebook is also helping direct response marketers convert better through more calls to action.  You’ll start see the following buttons on ads:

  • Shop Now
  • Learn More
  • Sign Up
  • Book Now
  • Download

I’ll be interested to see how users respond to the new ad targeting.  It’s certainly a more personal experience but some will be turned off by it.  Especially those who are very privacy conscious.  It’s only a matter of time before some VPN services hop into the mix.  I recently noticed that PureVPN is targeting their site visitors with a popup as they leave the site.  Offering a deeper discount to encourage them to sign up.  The latest Facebook targeting is the next step in marketing to the masses.  You can learn more on this Facebook for business blog post.