Hide My Ass VPN Android App Review

Hide My Ass Pro VPN recently released a new Android app.  Along with updates to their Windows and Mac clients.  I had a chance to test out the new Android app on my Note II this afternoon and it works great.  The user interface let’s you select between over 600 servers in 75 countries.  You can download the app free from Google Play.  If you don’t have an HMA Pro VPN account they are offering unlimited access from just $6.55 a month.

Hide My Ass Android app

The new Android app is very simple to use.  First you’ll want to visit Google Play to download and install.  Then you’ll be asked for your Hide My Ass VPN account info.  This is the same information you use in the HMA client and to access the VPN control panel on their site.  Once signed in the app will recommend a server location.  You can go ahead and connect or tap to the right of the location to bring up a full list of servers as shown above.

As you can see the app recommended that I connect to a server in St. Louis, Missouri.  That would have been fine but since I live closer to Atlanta I went ahead and selected my own server.  At first I wasn’t sure the interface would allow me to select a specific city.  When I selected the United States it picked a city for me.  Then I noticed the search option in the upper right hand corner.  From there you can choose any server location.

I went ahead and search for Atlanta as you can see above.  The client immediately let me choose from the list of HMA’s servers in that location.  The interface is really clean.  I simply selected one of the Atlanta servers and connected to HMA’s network.  From there I checked my IP address through the app.  It opened a browser window with my IP address and location information.  As expected my IP location was shown as Atlanta.

I look forward to testing the new app and using it while on vacation in the weeks to come.  In the meantime you should check it out.  If you’re already a member the app is free.  You can download it directly from Google Play.  If you aren’t an HMA member yet this is a great time to check out their service and save a few bucks.  You can enjoy unlimited access to their network of over 600 VPN servers in 75 countries from just $6.55 a month.  All new customers are covered by a 30 day money back guarantee which is plenty of time to test the new app.

You can read our HMA VPN review to learn more about the service.  Follow @VPNSP for the latest VPN deals.