Fixing Apple iOS 8 VPN Issues

Since Apple released iOS 8 a couple days ago we’ve heard from users who are having trouble connecting to their VPN provider.  More specifically they are being asked for their VPN password even though it was saved as part of the previous app install.  You may also notice some advanced features like TunnelBear’s auto-reconnect is no longer working.  Problems like these can happen.  Especially when a new version of iOS is first released.

VPN for iOS 8

For those being prompted to enter a password while using an iOS app provided by your VPN service I would suggest you reinstall the profile.  That’s how all the popular VPN apps we’ve reviewed work for iOS.  They let you choose a server location and the app in turn installs a profile on your device for the VPN connection.  The problem is that iOS 7 profiles don’t appear to be compatible with iOS 8.  Until or unless Apple puts out a fix the best workaround we’ve found so far is to go back into your VPN app and let it create the profile again.  You may want to delete the old profile first.  To do so simply tap on General, then Profiles, and then Delete Profile.

That should take care of your VPN log in issues with iOS 8.  Other advanced features like TunnelBear’s auto-connect will take some time to work out I’m sure.  It happens every time a vendor like Apple or Microsoft pushes a major release.  If you have questions then I’d suggest you contact tech support for your provider.  Please be patient with with them as the problems will likely be widespread across all the VPN providers until Apple releases an update or the VPN apps are updated for the new iOS 8.

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