VPN Tips for iPad Users on iOS 7.1

iPad users started sharing their experience with VPN performance issues after upgrading to iOS 7.1 as you can see in this Apple support communities post.   Their problems continue into iOS 7.1.1.  The issue isn’t tied to any specific VPN service.  iPad users who previously were able to achieve speeds of over 10 Mbps are reporting speeds of under 1 Mbps after the iOS upgrade.  We’ll look at ways to help achieve better speeds.

iOS 7.1 VPN

I suggest you read through the Apple support communities thread to see the experiences being shared by several iOS users.  They are using a wide range of VPN providers and are frustrated by Apple’s lack of response to the issue.  Their attention to the problem and frustration with Apple’s lack of response helped draw our attention.  Hopefully we can help spread the word and share workarounds until a fix is released.

This post will continue to be updated with the latest news on the iOs 7.1 VPN issues.  Along with any workarounds and the latest on fixing the performance problem that some users are facing.  The team at VPN One Click is recommending that iOS users connect using L2TP.  The tip is for users of any VPN service.  My tip for iOS users who haven’t upgraded to 7.1 yet would be to wait.  VPN connections are working fine in iOS 7.0.

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