IPVanish VPN Kill Switch for Windows

The latest IPVanish Windows client v 2.1 includes some widely anticipated features including VPN kill switch and IPv6 leak protection.  The IPVanish team took their efforts to another level by adding a LAN blocking feature which also stops your system from communicating over the local area network if the VPN disconnects.  The combination of VPN kill switch, IPv6 leak protection, and LAN blocking puts IPVanish well ahead of most the competition.  Members can download the latest Windows client update from their site.  Those new to IPVanish can sign up through our VPNSP promotion to save up to 63% off with unlimited VPN from just $4.54 a month.

IPVanish Windows Kill Switch

As you can see from the image above, the new IPVanish client v2.1 for Windows has some new settings that you can enable.  Let’s take a closer look at each one and explain them in more detail.

  • Enable IPv6 Leak Protection – without getting too technical, this feature will keep you from leaking information when a site uses IPv6.  While IPv6 isn’t popular yet it’s still important to your privacy protection to enable this feature.  A lot of VPNs still lack leak protection for IPv6 which leaves you at risk.
  • Enable Kill Switch – we’re very happy to see IPVanish add a kill switch for Windows.  They now have the feature available for both Windows and Mac client users.  Enabling the kill switch will help protect your privacy by cutting off communication anytime the VPN drops until it reconnects.
  • Block all LAN Traffic – this takes the kill switch feature to another level and is the first time we’ve seen a VPN service implement LAN blocking.  By enabling the feature you can ensure your computer will stop communicating with the local area network anytime the VPN disconnects.  This will stop both incoming and outgoing communication over the LAN until a VPN connection is reestablished.

There you have it.  We’ve been using the new IPVanish Windows app for a week now.  We wanted to put it through some testing to make sure the new features were ready for prime time.  I’m happy to share that each one of them works as intended.  One hint for those who enable the kill switch and LAN blocking features.  If you disconnect from the VPN on purpose and notice that you can’t communicate online anymore that’s as intended.  This can throw some users off until they get use to it.  The solution is to either reconnect to the VPN or disable the features when you don’t plan on using them.  I recommend you enable IPv6 leak protection all the time and the others based on your needs.  Give the new features a try and let us know what you think @VPNSP.