New Windows and Mac Apps for OverPlay

The team at OverPlay has been hard at work developing all new apps for their popular VPN service.  Earlier this afternoon they released OverPlay client version 3.0 for both Windows and Mac.  You’ll notice a big difference between the previous version and the new release.  For starters, version 3 has a fresh new look.  It’s easy enough for anyone to use, regardless of whether or not you have any technical background.  You can simply select a server location and connect.  You can also select between fast, balanced, and secure to set the level of OpenVPN encryption used in the app.  You will be well protected regardless of your choice.  New members can download the latest version from their site.  They have guides for both Windows and Mac to help you get started.  Those new to OverPlay can use our exclusive discount to save 25% off any VPN or SmartDNS plan.

OverPlay Windows v3

Whether you use the Windows version, Mac client, or both, the user interface is the same so you won’t have any problems connecting to the OverPlay network.  In fact you’ll see a difference in speed between the old and new apps, especially if you select speed under the connection preference.  In addition to the news apps, OverPlay has vastly expanded their network.  They went from 48 servers all the way up to 330 servers.  Better yet, they have over 200 servers between the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.

OverPlay Mac v3

As you can see the Windows and Mac client look almost identical.  The only difference in our screenshots is the protocol option.  You can choose between speed, balanced, and secure.  The Windows app defaulted to balanced and the Mac app to secure.  You can easily slide the protocol to any of the three options from the app’s home screen.  Both of our images show the app connected to OverPlay.  That’s really all there is to it.  Pick your server location and click connect.  Within a few seconds you’ll connect to the server and your data will be encrypted.  Then when you’re done just click disconnect.  It doesn’t get any easier than that.  We’re excited to see the new apps from OverPlay.  Head on over to their site and download the latest release.