Octane VPN April Fool’s Sale

We’re having a good time today!  Earlier we shared the latest and greatest to help entertain you on April Fools’ day.  It case you missed it ExpressVPN rolled out a line of encryption crystal jewelry.  Now we’re excited to share a sale to celebrate the occasion.  From today through April 15th Octane VPN is offering unlimited access for $2.99 a month or $28.99 a year.  Visit their April Fool’s Sale page for details.

Octane VPN special

We didn’t notice any special April Fool’s message on the Octane VPN site this year but here’s the one they posted to celebrate April Fool’s Day last year:

OctaneVPN.com Now Offers Solar IPs

Through recent technical upgrades and with the assistance with the Curiosity Rover, Octane VPN is proud to announce VPN access with Solar IP addresses.

OctaneVPN has been proud to offer customers the ability to choose gateways in over 35 countries and 80+ cities, but felt it was still limiting. We wanted to expand even further. Solution? Solar IP addresses.
You can now connect to all our terrestrial gateways or our all new server gateway on the Saturn’s moon Titan via our uplink through the Mars Curiousity Rover and the Cassini Huygens probe.
With our new Titanic IP addresses, you’ll now be able to stream content from the dark side of the former planet known as Pluto without being blocked by authorities on either Neptune or Uranus.
In order to celebrate our new locations across the Solar System, we’re offering customers the opportunity to join for only $27.99 annually, or $2.49/month.

As you can see the price is close to the deal they offered last year.  In the past year OctaneVPN has grown quite a bit.  They now manage a network of over 100 VPN servers in 44 countries around the world.  At $2.99 a month or $28.99 a year the service is a great value.  If you haven’t tried the OctaneVPN this is a good time to test them out.  You can read our review to learn more about the service but the best way is to try them for yourself.  Remember to sign up through their April Fools sale page by Wednesday, April 15th to save.