VPN for the 2016 Olympic Games

Friday marks the official start of the 2016 Olympic Games.  Gisele Bündchen will be leading the way in what is anticipated to be the sexiest opening ceremony in history.  This weekend will bring the first Olympic medals in swimming, diving, cycling, archery, fencing, weightlifting, and more.  Whether you’re in Rio for the Games or excited to watch all the action from abroad, a good VPN can help protect your privacy and open worldwide coverage.  One of our favorites, IPVanish is offering a Secure Summer promotion during the Rio Games.

2016 Olympics

What is a VPN and how does it work?

A lot of people think of corporate networks when the term VPN is mentioned.  While work is one place for secure communications you can protect your privacy all the time.  VPN services like IPVanish and StrongVPN offer you the same protection at home and on the road.  A good VPN helps protect your privacy through encryption.  They also help users by giving them an IP address in another country.  This opens up more streaming media.

Watch Olympics coverage from around the world

During the 2012 Summer Games in London we saw a lot of interest in VPN as Olympics fans from around the world wanted to access BBC coverage.  The catch was that the BBC blocks access from outside the United Kingdom.  They do so by detecting the users IP address.  By using a VPN service you can connect to a server in the UK and access BBC coverage.  The same is true for other countries around the world.

We should mention that some networks require more than just an IP address in that region.  For example NBC blocks their live coverage (NBC Live Extra) and requires US cable and satellite customers to login to access coverage.  Other networks like the BBC are simply geo restricted which a VPN will help you get around.

Protect Your Privacy while in Rio for the Olympics

Those who are traveling to Brazil to cheer on their countries athletes need a VPN.  It’s no surprise that security is a top concern in Rio.  That includes both physical and online.  If you’d like to keep your web browsing and social networking activities away from prying eyes while traveling then we suggest you use a VPN at all times.  That applies to your laptop, tablets and cell phone.  All are open to being tracked.

Whether your watching from home or traveling to the Games in Rio we wish your country the best of luck.