OverPlay 25% Off Coupon Code

We’re excited to share a 25% off coupon from OverPlay.  The promo code is good for 25% off the first billing cycle of any Secure VPN or SmartDNS plan.  That includes 25% savings on the first month, quarter, 6 months, or year of access.  The coupon stacks with their regular term discounts helping you to save up to 37% off a full year.  Enjoy VPN from $6.25 a month or SmartDNS from $3.12 a month.  Visit our OverPlay special page to save.

OverPlay coupon

OverPlay is one of a select few companies that offers both VPN and Smart DNS.  Better yet VPN members get free access to their SmartDNS service.  That gives you the best of both worlds.  Protect your privacy and encrypt your data with the VPN.  Then when you want to watch content in another country fire up their SmartDNS service.  The difference is encryption.  You can use OverPlay’s SmartDNS to watch tv shows and movies in other countries without any speed loss.  It will unblock any geographic restrictions along the way.

You can read our OverPlay review for a full rundown of the service but let me give you a quick overview.  OverPlay manages a network of over 140 VPN servers in 48 countries around the world.  Members can connect to any of them using their Windows and Mac client software.  Encrypt your data and protect your privacy using their VPN network.  As a VPN user you also have free access to their popular SmartDNS service.

Speaking of SmartDNS, OverPlay will help you access channels in over 21 regions around the world.  Including popular video services like Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer.  Along with music services like Pandora and live sporting events like the World Cup.  I love to use their SmartDNS to watch shows and movies in other countries.  You may not realize but Netflix has a different content library for each region and OverPlay will let you switch between them.  This opens up newer movies and shows that would otherwise be blocked.

Visit our OverPlay special page to save 25% off the first billing cycle of any VPN or SmartDNS plan.