Down : Find Alternatives

It appears that the Privacy IO VPN service has been down for a few days now.  I don’t have a login to confirm but we’ve heard from members who can no longer access the service.  The website appears to be down as well.  In a moment I’ll share the information we’ve heard so far which includes a message from the founder’s partners on another project along with some related speculation.  Regardless of the reason for being down I can help recommend alternatives.  There are several no log VPN services out there now a days.

Here’s what we know so far.  Peter Sunde, the founder of and a co-founder of The Pirate Bay was arrested on May 31st in Skaane, Sweden just days after running for a seat in the European Parliament.  His partners at (a secure messenger start up) had this to say on June 2nd:

As you might have read elsewhere, Peter got arrested two days ago and will now serve a 5-8 months in prison for promoting copyright infringement, obviously a bullshit charge. Peters imprisonment will not directly affect the release of Hemlis, but it does however affect us as individuals and as a team. Everything is currently in turmoil but we are doing our best to get things back on track and Hemlis on to your devices

The question is whether or not the arrest of Peter Sunde led to shutting down.  That seems like a reasonable explanation but there’s no one to confirm it.  The site is down.  According to users the service is down as well.  The last twitter post from their account came in 2010.  In short we can’t confirm the reason for being down.  You now have the same information in which to draw a conclusion from.

Regardless of the reason why Privacy IO is no longer accessible it leaves their members in a bad spot.  In considering alternatives to recommend we looked at some of the features and strong points of  They hosted servers in Sweden and had a no log policy.  The service supported OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP protocols.  With that in mind here are some alternatives that promise the same no log policy with access to servers in Sweden and several other countries for a price in line with or less than

We wish Peter Sunde the best as he deals with his current situation.  I hope he can hit the ground running on and other privacy related projects in the months to come after his prison term is behind him.

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