Sabai OSv5 and New Routers

Big news from our friends over at Sabai Technology.  Those of us who already enjoy their VPN routers will want to consider upgrading to the latest Sabai OS.  The new Sabai OSv5 boasts a new interface design and improved gateway feature for better overall user experience.  Existing customers can get OSv5 by purchasing a year of Sabai Freedom Support.  They also have a full lineup of new routers from Linksys, Asus, Netgear and Belkin.

Sabai OSv5

As we mentioned above the new Sabai OSv5 comes with a new look and feel as well as some new features like support for dual band for Linksys E44200 customers.  Those who purchased an E4200 in the past are even eligible for a free upgrade.  Look for an email from Sabai if you fall in that category.  Otherwise the new OSv5 will see more use of the gateway feature (previously referred to as dual gateway).  Now users with their VPN accelerator will be able to create a tri-gateway.  They promise more news on that topic soon.

Along with the launch of OSv5 the team at Sabai Technology is releasing a new line of router models with some nice introductory discounts.  Here’s some of the deals we noticed.  Prices include the new Sabai OSv5.

  • Linksys E4200 (with dual band support) – $189.99 (normally $209.95)
  • Linksys E3200 – $164.99 (normally $184.99)
  • Linksys E2500 – $119.99 (normally $139.99)
  • Asus RT-N66U – $279.99 (normally $299.99)
  • Netgear WNR3500L – $159.99 (normally $169.99)
  • Belkin Share E300 – $99.00

Read our Sabai review to learn more about their routers or visit to save on a VPN router.