Sabai VPN Accelerator V2 Promo

Sabai Technology is getting ready to introduce a new version of their popular VPN accelerator.  To celebrate the release of their VPN Accelerator V2, Sabai is offering $50 off the new version.  You can pick it up for $299 which is the same price as V1.  The promotion is currently available on the site and will run though July 31st.  The price will increase on August 1st so if you’re interested now is the time to check it out.

Sabai VPN Accelerator

Do you already own a VPN accelerator from Sabai?  If so you’ll be happy to know they will be offering a free system upgrade.  You can expect more details in the next couple weeks.  If you don’t have one this is the time to consider it.  I’ve owned one for a couple years now.  The goal is to speed up your performance when connecting to a VPN through your router.  You can learn more in this VPN accelerator review I wrote after V1 was released.

Sabai has packed the V2 release with even better hardware specs and a great looking user interface.  As they mention is a related blog post the interface is less geek and more modern.  I think both the old and new version look good.  Then again you might not want to trust my opinion given the not so modern design of :).  Sabai has integrated proxy into the V2 release.  So you can browse using VPN access or unencrypted with ease.

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