Sticky Password Black Friday Special

We’re excited to share an extra offer in addition to our Black Friday VPN deals this holiday season.  Sticky Password compliments our efforts perfectly.  Even if you have a VPN to encrypt your data and protect your online privacy, you still need strong passwords to help secure your accounts.  Not only do you need secure passwords, you need a different one for each site.  On top of all that you need to remember all those passwords.  That’s where Sticky Password comes in.  The password manager will securely store all your accounts and help you generate strong passwords.

Sticky Password Black Friday

The Sticky Password Black Friday special includes 70% off a lifetime license of the product.  The password manager normally costs $19.99 a year or $99.99 for life.  During their Black Friday promotion you can pick up a lifetime license for just $30.  I use the product and highly recommend it.  If you currently have a notebook for your passwords or keep them in a spreadsheet, it’s time to move them over to a secure solution.  Sticky Password will keep your passwords locally stored in an encrypted database.  No more needing to remember all those passwords.  Simply remember your master pass code to log into Sticky Password and let the program do the rest of the work.  You can even store multiple identities for a single site.  This is great for those who have multiple email accounts or check multiple Facebook accounts from the same computer.

Sticky Password will work on all your devices.  The software supports Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.  It works with a wide range of web browsers to autofill your username and password information.  The program uses AES-256 encryption to help protect your account information.  This is the same encryption used by the military so they take user privacy very seriously.  You can even sync your passwords between devices using your wifi connection at home.  Visit the Sticky Password Black Friday Special page to save.