2014 Online Privacy & VPN Survey

Today I’d like to ask for your help.  For the next week we are running a very short survey (13 questions) to learn what you think about online privacy and the keys to offering a great VPN experience.  Please take a minute of your time in helping make online privacy services and specifically VPNs even better.  Your answers to the survey questions will help VPN services know where to focus their efforts in the months and years to come.

Online Privacy Survey

What makes a good VPN service?  For me the answer would be long.  I’m looking for a company that I can trust.  That can mean a lot of research but I need assurance before trusting a company with my online privacy.  After finding a trustworthy source I want to make sure the service meets my needs.  For me that means fast, reliable service.  Beyond that I prefer companies with large networks, feature rich software and a no log policy.

That’s all well and good but the purpose of the survey is to find out what you think.  Your input will help shape our decisions moving forward and will help VPN services know where to focus efforts in the future.  Perhaps there is an area that is very important to you that providers aren’t covering all that well or aren’t focusing on at the moment.  If so this is the perfect time to share your thoughts on what can make VPN even better.

I’d like to personally thank you for sharing your thoughts and participating in the VPN survey.  I get calls and emails for survey requests all the time and turn down a vast majority of them.  Mainly because they are for topics that aren’t of interest to me.  I don’t care what TV shows are coming in the Fall or which cereal is the fruitiest.  When it comes to online privacy I care a lot and I know many of you do as well so thank you for helping.

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