Dump Truck Discontinued : Find Alternatives

Golden Frog has decided to discontinue their secure online storage service to focus more effort on VyprVPN and Cyphr.  In response, VyprVPN (and Giganews users with VPN) will need to move their files to a different solution before December 19th.  That’s the day that Golden Frog plans to sunset the Dump Truck service.  The VyprVPN team has arranged for customers to receive discounts from DigitalSafe and Spider Oak as replacements.

Dump Truck discontinued

Remember you only have a few weeks to find an alternative to Dump Truck.  Make sure to move all your files off the system before Saturday, December 19th.  Let’s take a look at some other online storage options.

Dump Truck Alternatives

We’ll start with DigitalSafe and SpiderOak since the Golden Frog team has put together special discounts for Dump Truck customers.

  • DigitalSafe: Dump Truck users can sign up for DigitalSafe and save 50% off along with an additional 17% off their annual plans.  In addition, users can try the service free for 60 days.  It looks like DigitalSafe is a bit on the pricey side with 25 GB costing $9.50 a month or $95 a year with the discount.
  • SpiderOak: Dump Truck users can try SpiderOak for 60 days free as well.  After that the Golden Frog team has worked out a discount of 42% off their monthly plan.  Price wise SpiderOak is a lot more reasonable with 30 GB of storage for $4 a month.

There are a lot of other options in the market now a days.  You can start with the major technology companies which include Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.  You can decide whether or not you trust them with your data.  That’s a personal decision.  Other popular storage providers include Carbonite and SugarSync.

As always you can also choose to backup your files outside the cloud.  Disk storage continues to come down in price.  Just as an example we searched for external hard drives on Amazon and found a WD Passport 1 GB drive with 256-bit AES hardware encryption for under $60.  This may also be an alternative if you don’t want to make a decision on another cloud storage provider before the December 19th deadline.

You can read the Golden Frog post to learn more about the discontinuation of Dump Truck.  They include some information on why they are cutting the service and their plans for the future.  You will also find more details on the DigitalSafe and SpiderOak services.