StrongVPN Net Neutrality Promotion

On Wednesday, July 12th the Internet will come together in protest of the direction the FCC is headed in terms of net neutrality. This is a hot button issue that has come full circle since Trump took office in January. The Internet has gone from net neutrality regulations to a government stance to end net neutrality. These are the same rules that help keep ISP’s like Comcast, Verizon, Time Warner, and AT&T from slowing down or blocking access to websites. The FCC is accepting comments and received feedback from over 3.5 million Internet users in 2015. That helped lead to the strong net neutrality rules that are now in jeopardy. Make sure your voice is heard.

StrongVPN Net Neutrality promotion

StrongVPN will be joining in on the net neutrality efforts on Wednesday and is offering a promotion around the event. You can save 50% off any StrongVPN plan (monthly, quarterly, annual) in addition to their normal term discounts. The special is live and will remain active through July 17th. Sign up during the #StrongForNetNeutrality promotion and benefit from unlimited VPN access from just $2.91 a month.

StrongVPN promo price

The coupon code for the StrongVPN Net Neutrality promotion is DAYOFACTION but you won’t need it. The StrongVPN team has taken care of everything for you. Simply visit their StrongForNetNeutrality page and sign up for any plan to save 50% off. As you can see above, the discount brings the price of unlimited VPN and smartDNS down to $5 a month, $12 a quarter, or just $34.99 for a full year of access. Please take a moment on July 12th to make your voice heard and let the FCC know that we all care deeply about the future of the Internet.