Which VPN Providers Unblock BBC iPlayer?

That’s the question that was posed to our team over the weekend, which VPN providers still work to unblock BBC iPlayer?  For years now millions of VPN users have enjoyed access to content on BBC iPlayer.  However, over the last few weeks the BBC has been trying their best to block VPNs from accessing their streaming service.  Fortunately there are still some large, well known VPN providers that have avoided the block.  We’re going to share a list of a few top-rated VPNs that will help you unlock access to BBC iPlayer.

BBC iPlayer blocked

As you can see in the screenshot above, BBC iPlayer TV programmes are available to play in the UK only.  In the past you could simply connect to a VPN server in the United Kingdom and enjoy unrestricted access.  Now you have to choose the right VPN provider and even then it’s always possible the BBC will block access in the future.  It’s a cat and mouse game.  We suspect the BBC will continue to block IP address ranges in an attempt to curtail VPN use.  In response VPN services will continue to find other ways around the blocks.

Just to be clear it doesn’t matter whether or not you are located in the United Kingdom.  Even if you reside in the UK and want to watch BBC iPlayer while protected by a VPN, it’s now an issue for many providers.  It doesn’t seem at all right that the BBC is blocking their own users from protecting their online privacy but they likely find it necessary in order to block the millions of non-UK residents streaming content through the service.  Luckily there are still some VPN providers that support BBC iPlayer.  In a moment I’ll list a few that we have tested.  Please bookmark this page for future updates.  We will try to list at least three VPNs at all times so you always have multiple choices in case one or more get blocked in the future.

Unblock BBC iPlayer with there VPN Providers

We have tested and can confirm that as of Monday, October 19, 2015 the following VPN providers support BBC iPlayer.  As always you will want to connect to a VPN server in the UK to access the site.  Otherwise you will receive a message like the one above and be blocked from viewing BBC content.

VPN providers that passed the test and will unblock BBC iPlayer:

We also tested Private Internet Access, VyprVPN, and PureVPN but none of them were able to play BBC iPlayer.  PIA and VyprVPN were blocked.  PureVPN wasn’t blocked but they appeared to be having issues.  Every show we tried to stream with PureVPN would hang with the wheel of death so we never made it past the buffering.  Once again this is a work in progress as VPN providers try to stay one step ahead.  We’ll continue to update this post as changes come about.  You can follow us @VPNSP for the latest VPN news and deals.