Beta Test AirVPN Client 2.0

AirVPN client 2.0 (codenamed Eddie) is ready for public beta testing.  Members of the VPN service are welcome to download the new sotware directly from their site to test it out.  You can learn more about it on the AirVPN beta test page.  AirVPN 2.0 is available for Linux and Windows.  The AirVPN team has made a point of sharing the code for anyone to analyze.  The software is open source under GPL3 and the code is available on GitHub.

AirVPN client 2.0 Eddie

We’re sharing the information released by AirVPN to help promote their new beta.  I know how hard it can be to get feedback so I’m sure they would appreciate yours after testing the new client.  Here are some notes they are providing to give beta testers an idea of what to expect from the current release:

  • Some advanced options are still disabled by default. As far as it concerns new features, we want to be sure that Eddie works at least like the current client. Soon, based also on community feedback, we will release a new version with some advanced options enabled by default.
  • Please report exactly what version you installed (operating system, 32 or 64 bit, and file format) if/when you report an issue.
  • Network Leak Protection Locking feature will be available in a next beta version, probably the next week.

If you aren’t currently an AirVPN member and want to check out their new client they have a really cheap plan for testing.  If you’d like a free trial for testing they ask that you contact an administrator.  The contact page includes a “Trial Request” under the department dropdown.  lf you want immediate access they also offer a 3 day account for 1 €.  That’s enough time to test out the new AirVPN 2.0 client (Eddie – think Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) beta.  Don’t forget to share your feedback and any suggestions with the AirVPN team after testing.

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