Australia Passes 2 Million SVOD Users

At the end of last year an estimated 315,000 Australians were signed up to use streaming video on demand (SVOD) services.  That number doesn’t count users that relied in VPN and Smart DNS to access SVOD services in other countries.  Regardless the number of users who are using Australian SVOD services has skyrocketed to over 2 million as Netflix launched on March 31st.  The number is sure to continue growing for years to come.


Netflix is the big reason that so many Australians are turning to SVOD services.  The only problem is that Australian Netflix doesn’t have a good selection compared to the United States.  That’s being kind as the Aussie Netflix only carries 1,500 titles compared to 7,500 titles in the United States.  That means those in the US (and Aussies that use VPN) have access to five times the content they would be able to enjoy in Australia.

While it’s great to see the explosive growth of SVOD in Australia, it will be interesting to see how many Australians continue to rely on technology to get around the geo-restrictions and reduced media library in their region.  Netflix is sure to continue pushing for global licensing rights to content but that isn’t likely to come anytime soon, if ever.  In the meantime Australians and users around the world will continue to rely on technology to bridge the gap and unblock a wide range of channels in other countries.

It will be interesting to watch the continued growth of streaming video on demand (SVOD) services in Australia.  The main players in that region include Netflix, Stan, Presto, and Quickflix.  When you consider the power of using a VPN to access other regions, Netflix is the best SVOD service in Australia.  There are certainly expections depending on what you like the watch.  There are also live sporting events which is an area that SVOD still hasn’t been able to crack in Australia.  Sling TV took the first step in the United States.

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