ExpressVPN Future of Privacy Scholarship

Our friends at ExpressVPN are offering students a chance to speak out about privacy this summer.  The ExpressVPN Future of Privacy Scholarship will award $5,000 cash prize to the winner.  That’s just the beginning as the winning entry will also be shared with a worldwide audience.  This is your chance to have your voice heard on the future of privacy for the next generation.  The winning entry will earn a $5,000 scholarship with 5 runners up winning a free year of VPN.  Visit the ExpressVPN scholarship page for more details.

ExpressVPN Privacy Scholarship

High school students, undergraduates, and graduate students in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa. are eligible to submit an entry for the ExpressVPN Future of Privacy Scholarship.  Those interested will want to write a 600-800 word essay. The ExpressVPN team has offered a prompt to help you get started.

  • Technology companies can self-regulate to provide optimal privacy to internet users. The free market will choose the winners to be those companies that best protect their users, without the need for government interference. Do you agree or disagree?

New to the topic of online privacy?  If so I still encourage you to give thought to the prompt and write an essay.  This is a great opportunity for students to share your thoughts on where we’re headed and how privacy, or a lack thereof, will impact our lives in the future.  Just remember to follow the guidelines listed on the ExpressVPN scholarship page to be eligible for an award.  You will want to submit your essay by Saturday, August 31st.  The winners will be announced by the end of October.  Best of luck!

Vacation Safely with VPN Protection

Are you getting ready to travel this summer on vacation?  Perhaps you’re already on the road.  Either way you’ll probably connect to some unsecured Wi-Fi networks along the way.  Don’t risk your privacy while traveling.  Personal VPN services can help protect your privacy by encrypting your Internet connection.  Whether on the road or at a local coffee shop.  In fact I used a VPN to write this blog post while visiting the Grand Canyon.

VPN for vacation

Last summer I traveled with six adults, two kids and a countless number of iPad, iPhone, Android, laptops and other devices.  We visited the Grand Circle which means a lot of time on the road.  Staying in many different cities.  Some places had better Wi-Fi connections than others.  If you can’t get an Internet connection at all then a VPN won’t help.  When you do though a VPN will encrypt your data and protect your online privacy.

During our trip west we traveled over 2,200 miles.  Along the way we visited Zion, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef and the Canyonlands.  Some of the most amazing views and scenery I’ve ever seen.  The arch above is Mesa Arch from Islands in the Sky.  Part of the Canyonlands outside Moab, Utah.  If you ever get a chance to visit this area of the United States I highly recommend the hiking trails throughout the parks.

Protecting your Internet connection while on vacation is easy with a VPN.  We relied on IPVanish for encrypted Wi-Fi access.  They allow up to two simultaneous connections on a single account.  That can come in very handy when traveling.  Allowing you to protect your laptop and tablet or phone at the same time.  Regardless of where you vacation make sure to protect your online privacy along the way.  Enjoy the summer!

IPVanish World VPN Week BOGO Sale

We’re excited to share a World VPN Week special from our friends over at IPVanish.  They have been kind in offering our visitors one of the deepest discounts ever offered on their popular VPN service.  The World VPN Week promotion offers new members two years of VPN for just $3.24 a month.. That is a savings of over 73% off the normal retail price of $11.99 a month.  We’ll present you with the necessary coupon code below along with the start and end dates for the special.

IPVanish World VPN Week

IPVanish is a well respected online privacy service.  They have over 1,300 servers in 60+ different countries around the world.  We test VPN services on a regular basis and IPVanish is a top performer.  Their top tier network provides excellent speeds.  Customers have access to free client software for Windows and Mac.  Along with free mobile apps for iOS and Android.  Members receive unlimited usage and five simultaneous connections.

The IPVanish World VPN Week promo will be active from Saturday, April 13 thru Saturday, April 20.  During that time you can sign up for two years of unlimited VPN for just $77.99.  That’s 73% off the retail price and brings the price down to just $3.24 a month.  To take advantage of the offer visit our IPVanish World VPN Week sale page and enter coupon code VPNWEEK during checkout.  Note: the coupon is hard coded so you should not need to enter it. The discounted price is clearly shown on the sign up page.

If you miss out on the 2-year deal or prefer monthly billing then our other coupon code will save you money as well.  The IPVanish team kindly offers our visitors up to 60% off the first billing cycles of any term.  Including monthly, quarterly and annual terms.  To take advantage of this offer simply visit the IPVanish VPNSP promo page. You’ll notice our coupon code is automatically filled in during checkout.  They also clearly show the discount.

Read our IPVanish review to learn more about the service including speed tests for each server location.

CyberGhost 2018 Transparency Report

CyberGhost was the first VPN provider to release a transparency report in 2011. Seven years later the service looks quite different with over 30 million users around the world. Along with the number of DMCA requests, malware activity flags, and police complaints, the 2018 transparency report also includes sections to highlight key infrastructure stats and history of the team behind CyberGhost VPN.

Here are a few highlights from the latest CyberGhost transparency report.

CyberGhost DMCA requests

CyberGhost Malware flags

CyberGhost police requestsYou can download the full report for a look at CyberGhost over the last 7 years. Cheers to their team for continuing the tradition of transparency and giving users more insights into the popular VPN service.

ExpressVPN Takes Transparency to the Next Level

Last year the team at ExpressVPN released a set of leak testing tools to help VPN users find out if their VPN had any leaks. The tools are open source and available via GitHub for anyone to make use of and to engage in the project. Now we’re excited to share that ExpressVPN is taking their transparency initiative a step further with a penetration test and code audit of their popular Chrome web extension and by open sourcing the code.

ExpressVPN Chrome Extension

ExpressVPN is taking a very deliberate approach to transparency. By having an independent third-party test their web extension and following that up by open sourcing the code for the latest version, ExpressVPN is building trust in an industry that is riddled with deception. We won’t dive into the dark side of VPN in this post but you can simply consider the privacy implications of free VPNs and the logging revelations of some well known VPNs to see the need for transparency as trust is a central issue when selecting a VPN to help protect your privacy.

Back to the security audit and open sourcing of the web extension code. ExpressVPN hired Berlin-based Cure53 to conduct a penetration test and audit the source code for their Chrome browser extension. The testing was performed in October 2018 and resulted in 4 vulnerabilities and 4 general weaknesses. None of which rated with a severity level higher than medium. Over the next few weeks the ExpressVPN development team worked to remedy the issues. Cure53 verified the fixes were in place in November 2018. That leads to today’s announcement that ExpressVPN is open sourcing the code for their Chrome and Firefox browser extensions.

Cheers to the ExpressVPN team for taking a leading role in vulnerability testing and open sourcing their code. In fact they have made the results of the Cure53 audit public for anyone to read. We were pleased to see the manner in which the vulnerabilities were addressed which in some cases meant that features were removed from the browser extension. The issue being that the web browser bypasses the intended privacy protection so the developers pulled the features rather than give users a false sense of security. The release of the audit and open source code present users with yet another reason to trust ExpressVPN.

Christmas VPN Deals : Holiday Specials

With the holidays in full swing a number of leading VPN services are offering deep discounts to celebrate.  We’d like to share this year’s best deals.  With special offers from leading VPN providers including IPVanish, Hide My Ass, PIA, PureVPN and more.  Some require coupon codes and all of them are time sensitive.  Look for the expiration dates and promo codes below.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the VPNSP team!

Christmas Sale

CyberGhost Holiday Special

The CyberGhost team is getting into the holiday spirit.  They are offering all new members a 25% discount on VPN access.   You can sign up for unlimited VPN from just $2.75 a month.  I would suggest you select the annual plan which comes with an additional 6 months of free VPN access. You can use the service on up to 7 devices at a time. Install the new CyberGhost 7 client and mobile app for the best performance.

Here’s a summary of the CyberGhost holiday special:

Whether you plan to use a VPN to protect your online privacy, watch content in other regions, game online, or for file sharing, CyberGhost supports all those scenarios. Their technical support team will help you through any questions you may have along the way. CyberGhost offers a 45 day money back guarantee with the annual sign up so you’ll have more than enough time to evaluate the service.

IPVanish Christmas Special

IPVanish is in the holiday spirit with deep discounts on their popular VPN service.  New users enjoy unlimited VPN and their free IPVanish client for Windows and Mac from just $4.87 a month.  IPVanish supports OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP protocols.  Connect to any of their 1100+ servers across 60+ countries.  With new locations added regularly.  IPV accounts include unlimited data transfer and a 7 day money back guarantee.

Here’s a summary of the IPVanish holiday offers:

You’ll be hard pressed to find a faster VPN service than IPVanish.  We test leading providers on a regular basis and IPVanish is consistently the fastest in the United States, Canada and throughout Europe.  We use them on a regular basis and appreciate their recent mobile app releases for both iOS and Android users.

Ivacy Holiday Promotion

Ivacy is celebrating the holiday season by offering 85% off their popular VPN service.  New users can enjoy unlimited VPN with access to servers in 39 countries for just $1.50 a month.  Connect using the Ivacy client for Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android.  You will find that Ivacy has a lot to offer.  At the very low price, Ivacy is arguably the best value this holiday season. We recommend the 3 year plan which includes a 30 day money back guarantee.

Here’s a summary of the Ivacy holiday offers:

  • Unlimited VPN$9.95 a month (regularly $131.40 a year)
  • Unlimited VPN$40 a year (regularly $119.40)
  • Unlimited VPN$54 for 3 years (regularly $358.20 a year)
  • The Ivacy holiday promotion ends January 1st.

As you can see the 3 year plan is by far the best deal from Ivacy. They are actually giving new users a huge discount on 24 months of unlimited VPN access and then adding 12 months of free VPN to extend the account to a full 36 months for $54 which is just $1.50 a month.

PureVPN Christmas Offer

PureVPN is celebrating the holiday season with a discount of up to 73% off their popular service and the bonus of a second year free.  New users can enjoy unlimited VPN access and their free PureVPN client from just $2.95 a month.  PureVPN supports OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP and SSTP protocols.  Connect to any of their 2000+ servers across 140 countries.  With an optional add-on for dedicated IP address.  PureVPN accounts include a 31 day money back guarantee.

Here’s a summary of the PureVPN holiday promotions:

PureVPN has something to offer everyone.  With a wide assortment of VPN servers around the world along with a full range of client software and mobile apps.  We especially like their free Android app.  You can visit the PureVPN special page to sign up for unlimited PureVPN access from just $2.95 a month.

Private Internet Access Holiday Sale

Private internet Access is celebrating the holiday season by offering the best price we’ve ever seen on their popular VPN service.  You can enjoy unlimited VPN access from just $2.50 a month.  That includes full access to their network of 3,100+ VPN servers in 33 countries.  PIA has a really nice custom client for Windows users.  You can enable advanced encryption and set the kill switch to stop communication anytime the VPN drops.

Here’s a summary of the Private Internet Access holiday sale:

We’re not sure when the Private Internet Access holiday offer will end so I’d sign up soon if you want to take advantage of the offer.  It’s hard to beat unlimited VPN from a leading provide for just $2.50 a month.  I’ve used PIA over the years and have nothing but good experiences with the service.  You’ll enjoy fast VPN access to any of the 33 countries they have servers in.

Hide My Ass Christmas Deal

Hide My Ass is celebrating the holiday season by offering the best prices on their popular HMA Pro VPN service.  New users can enjoy unlimited VPN access and their free HMA Pro client from just $2.99 a month.  Hide My Ass supports OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP protocols.  Connect to any of their 880+ servers across 190 countries.  With more on the way.  Their accounts included unlimited data transfer and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Here’s a summary of the Hide My Ass holiday offers:

We’ve come to enjoy the vast network of VPN servers managed by Hide My Ass.  Just last week I traveled to Las Vegas for the NFR and HMA had multiple VPN servers located there.  Allowing for fast, secure access while out of town.  Our team has used the service while traveling in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

SaferVPN Christmas Sale

The team at SaferVPN is celebrating the holiday season with one of their best deals of the year. If you didn’t have a chance to sign up Black Friday then you have another chance as SaferVPN is once again offering 3 years of unlimited VPN for $82.26. That works out to just $2.29 a month. You will be hard pressed to ever find a better price for SaferVPN so now is the perfect time to sign up. Gain immediate access to their network of VPN servers around the world.

Here’s a summary of the SaferVPN Christmas deals:

SaferVPN is a no-log VPN with over 700 servers in 34 locations worldwide. Switch between servers anytime to enjoy media in other regions. Of course the VPN will encrypt your communication to help protect your privacy while home or on the go. Connect on up to 5 devices (Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, router, etc.) which is more than enough to enjoy SaferVPN to the fullest.

We’d like to end by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Stay safe and enjoy the holidays!

Hide My Ass Black Friday Deals & Coupon Codes

With the holiday season in full swing I know a lot of our readers will be adding some electronics this year.  Our editor’s and their families have bought tablets and iOS / Android smartphones this time around.  While another will be adding a Macbook Pro this Christmas.  Hide My Ass is joining in the fun this holiday season by offering deep discounts on their popular online privacy service. Enjoy unlimited VPN access from just $2.99 a month.

HMA Black Friday VPN deal

Hide My Ass is more than just protection for your desktop or laptop at home.  You can use the free HMA Pro client to protect your PC or Mac but the service goes well beyond that.  With support for iPhone, iPad, Android devices and DD-WRT routers.  You can even use a VPN router to protect every device on your wireless network.  Including game consoles, media players, tablets and more.  Encrypt all your online activities.

Let’s take a closer look at the special pricing HMA is offering for the holiday season:

The annual plan works out to just $2.99 a month for unlimited access to HMA’s large network.  We’re talking 890 servers in 190 countries and growing.  You can easily switch between server locations anytime with their free HMA Pro client or on your mobile device.  With support for OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP connections you can choose between maximum protection and performance.  Finding the right balance based on your needs.

The Hide My Ass Black Friday promotion is already live.  You won’t need a coupon code to take advantage of the offers.  Just visit the Hide My Ass Black Friday page before the end of the year to sign up and save.

PureVPN Anniversary Sale

PureVPN has been in business for eleven years.  That may not sound like that long but it’s a lifetime in the VPN industry.  PureVPN was an early player in the online privacy space and continues to be a leader.  They are celebrating a birthday just like you might imagine, with presents and some surprises.  For starters you can enjoy a special 77% discount on the service.  With unlimited VPN from just $2.49 a month for 2 years of access.

PureVPN Anniversary Sale

PureVPN started the celebration with a deep discount on their service….but wait….there’s more.  Haha, I’ve always wanted to say that.  There really is a lot more going on at PureVPN.  We’ve seen a number of VPN services reach high levels and then sit back and relax.  That isn’t PureVPN’s approach.  Just the opposite.  We’ve been more than impressed with their efforts in expanding the PureVPN network over the years.

Along with announcing the special anniversary pricing PureVPN is extending the special to all new and existing members.  That means you can enjoy two years of VPN access for $59.76.  That works out to just $2.49 a month.  One of the lowest prices we’ve seen in a long time and is actually right in line with some of the best Black Friday deals.  Of course you do have to sign up for 2 years and pay up front to get the deal but that seems fair given the low price.

Those new to PureVPN will want to test the service.  I always recommend testing before you commit to anything.  PureVPN understands that too.  That’s why they offer a 31 day money back guarantee.  Giving you ample time to test the service and their client software.  PureVPN offers Windows and Mac clients.  Along with iOS and Android apps.  You’ll find that they’ve put a lot of thought into the user interface of all the apps.

Let’s take a look at what you get in terms of features and price during the PureVPN birthday sale.  For starters PueVPN members enjoy unlimited VPN access on up to five devices at a time.  That’s with a single account.  Connect using IKEv2, L2TP, or OpenVPN.  You can use the PureVPN apps to connect to any of their 2000 VPN servers in 141 countries.  Changing locations anytime within a few seconds.

Here’s a quick summary of the PureVPN Birthday sale prices:

As you’ll notice the discount makes their two year plan the best deal by far.  You save quite a bit more by signing up for two years of access.  You’ll pay just $2.49 s month for two years of unlimited VPN access.  All the prices are recurring so you can save month after month or year after year with the discount.  This is the one of the lowest prices we’ve seen on PureVPN accounts.

You can visit to learn more about VPN services.  Follow us @VPNSP for the latest news and deals.

5 Best World Cup VPN Deals

After all the waiting and anticipation it’s finally time for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.  A lot of VPN companies are big fans as well.  They’ve been planning for the event for months.  Today marks some of the best VPN deals of the year.  There’s no reason to miss a second of the action with several leading VPN providers offering deep discounts.  Watch all the World Cup matches from sites around the world with a fast, reliable VPN service.

Let’s jump right into the deals.  All the specials listed below are active.  They are also time limited so you’ll want to sign up soon to save.  We’ll list them in order based on quality of service.  The providers listed are all VPNSP Editors Choice winners.  I highly recommend all of them for fast, reliable access to the World Cup.

1. ExpressVPN – VPN + SmartDNS from just $6.67 a month

ExpressVPN World Cup Promo

ExpressVPN members enjoy unlimited VPN and SmartDNS.  You can use ExpressVPN’s network of VPN servers located in 94 countries (full list) along with support for SSTP, PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN.  New members can enjoy a 15 months of unlimited VPN from just $6.67 a month.

2. Private Internet Access – unlimited VPN from just $2.50 a month

PIA World Cup Discount

Private Internet Access doesn’t have quite as large a network but they are arguably the best value.  PIA is known for speed and privacy.  They are a favorite of the P2P community.  The PIA team manages a network of VPN servers in 10 countries.  You can see the flags above.  Make sure your World Cup coverage falls into one of them.  If so enjoy unlimited VPN from just $2.50 a month.

3. IPVanish – unlimited VPN from just $4.87 a month

IPVanish coupon

IPVanish is a fine choice for World Cup coverage.  They manage a tier-1 network of VPN servers in 60 countries.  Managing their own network gives them fast performance.  When speed counts IPVanish is hands down a great choice.  They have free client software for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  Along with free mobile apps for iOS and Android.  Enjoy unlimited VPN from $4.87 a month.

4. CyberGhost – unlimited VPN from just $2.75 a month

CyberGhost World Cup

CyberGhost has gone all out for the World Cup.  They are offering an excellent price and have set up the VPN client to easily unblock a number of popular streaming services.  Stream the World Cup matches from various countries. Speed and reliability are not an issue as CyberGhost manages a network of servers in 60 countries.  Enjoy unlimited VPN from $2.75 a month.

5. Hide My Ass – unlimited VPN from just $5.99 a month

HMA World Cup Deal

If you’re new to VPN then you’ll likely get a laugh out of the Hide My Ass name.  Don’t let the name fool you though.  HMA is a huge, well known VPN.  They manage a network of over 900 servers across 190 countries.  Giving you a great selection of server locations to choose from.  Select from their Windows, Mac, iOS and Android apps.  Enjoy unlimited access from $5.99 a month.

In addition to the great VPN deals our friends over at FlashRouters are offering discounts on their custom VPN routers.  If you haven’t had a chance to try out a DD-WRT or Tomato router you should check out the video on their homepage.  FlashRouters will be running specials throughout the World Cup so check them out.

You can visit to learn more about VPN services.  Follow us @VPNSP for the latest news and deals.

Take Back Your Internet Party & Privacy Panel

South by Southwest (SxSW) Interactive is set to start in Austin this week.  You can bet there will be plenty of talk around privacy.  A few years ago the audience was greeted by a stream from Edward Snowden that pointed out the need for developers and everyone to focus on privacy.  That wasn’t the only privacy related event in Austin.  Privacy will once again be a hot button issue at the conference this year.  What you might not know is that Golden Frog, the company behind VyprVPN is located in Austin.  They will be sponsoring their annual “Take Back Your Internet” party on Friday night that will include a panel of privacy experts.

Take Back Your Internet Party

The Take Back Your Internet party will take place at Texas Public Policy Foundation in Austin on Friday, March 9th at 6:00 pm CST.  The party will give attendees an opportunity to network and enjoy some dinner including BBQ, gourmet tacos, and craft beer.  The privacy panel will center around whats next for net neutrality, the declining Internet freedoms around the world, and a discuss of personal data s your personal property.  The discussion is very timely given the recent FCC decision to repeal net neutrality.  Golden Frog has gone so far as to meet with an FCC commissioner in Austin last month.

Here’s a list of the privacy panel participants:

  • Philip Molter – Co-CTO, Golden Frog
  • Drew White – Senior Federal Policy Analyst, TPPF
  • Rachel Wolbers – Policy Director, Engine
  • Joseph Lorenzo Hall – Chief Technologist, CDT

The panel was moderated by Ellen Troxclair, member of the Austin City Council

You will not need a SxSW badge to join the party.  The Golden Frog team only asks that you RSVP for the event.  I would make it a point to arrive at Texas Public Policy Foundation around 6:00 pm so you network and take in the privacy panel.

Join Golden Frog and partners for their 2018 Take Back Your Internet Party.  In the meantime consider taking a few minutes to watch the privacy panel from 2014.