BlackVPN Adds New Feature

BlackVPN has an exciting new feature for members who want to watch tv and movies in the US or UK while connecting to a VPN server in another location.  For example let’s say you want to connect to a BlackVPN server in the Netherlands but would still like to watch Netflix content from the US or BBC programming in the UK.  In the past that wasn’t possible.  Now BlackVPN members can connect to any of their privacy or TV VPN servers and watch US and UK content at the same time.  The new feature is available to all new and existing members.

BlackVPN privacy and tv update

Let’s take a closer look at what the new feature means to customers of BlackVPN.  Instead of connecting to a US server to watch Netflix and Hulu a P2P user can connect to the Netherlands and still watch US content at the same time.  An online poker player can connect to the BlackVPN network in another country and enjoy BBC programming at the same time.  Giving BlackVPN and their members an advantage over other VPN services.

According to BlackVPN’s related blog post users can connect to any of their privacy VPN servers which include Canada, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine or Panama and do anonymous P2P while watching Netflix, Hulu or BBC iPlayer.  You can also stream from other countries while connected to servers in the United States, United Kingdom and Singapore.  That should excite a lot of potential customers.

BlackVPN makes an additional point in their blog post.  Let’s say you’re currently in Luxembourg and want to watch Hulu.  In the past you would need to connect to a server in the United States to unblock the site.  Doing so would slow down your connection.  Now you don’t need to connect to a US server.  Instead you can connect to a server in Luxembourg and enjoy Hulu shows at a better speed.  The same is true for users in other countries.

I took a moment to look over the BlackVPN packages and realized that you don’t really need a TV package anymore unless you need privacy protection from servers in the United States, United Kingdom or Singapore.  Otherwise BlackVPN members can choose their Privacy package for €5 a month and gain access to servers in Switzerland, Panama, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Estonia, Canada, Luxembourg and Netherlands.  While still watching content in the US and UK like Netflix, Hulu and BBC iPlayer.  Visit for more details.

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