CactusVPN Smart DNS Update

CactusVPN offers both VPN and Smart DNS services.  Members can sign up for SmartDNS alone for $4.99 a month or combine it with VPN access for $6.99 a month.  CactusVPN offers term discounts on quarterly, semi-annual and yearly sign ups.  The CactusVPN team continues to expand their Smart DNS service.  They recently added a number of new channels focused on entertainment in the United States and Germany.

CactusVPN Smart DNS

CactusVPN offers VPN with servers in the US, UK, Netherlands, and Romania for $6.99 a month. That includes access to Smart DNS. The difference is that your VPN connections are encrypted. This helps protect your privacy online. In contrast Smart DNS service doesn’t include encryption. Instead it helps you avoid geographical restrictions. Their VPN does the same but has some additional overhead for the encryption. That makes Smart DNS faster.

The latest addition to their list of Smart DNS supported channels includes AMC (Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Mad Men), Simpsons World, and Adult Swim.  That brings some big time American entertainment to the mix.  Next the CactusVPN team unblocked some popular German channels that are part of NowTV.  The new German channels include VOX, RTL2, RTL NITRO, SUPER RTL and N-TV.  The final addition is TuneIv Radio.  The site gives users access to 100,000 radio stations for music, sports, news, and more.

You can use the CactusVPN Smart DNS service to unblock geo-restrictions for those sites and many more.  In fact CactusVPN’s Smart DNS now supports 169 channels.  You can use the service on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, game consoles, media players and routers.  The setup is easy.  You simply change your DNS settings to those provided by CactusVPN.

CactusVPN offers a 7 day free trial for their Smart DNS service.  Simply visit their site and click on the “Try Smart DNS for Free” link on the home page.  From there you can sign up for a trial account.  No credit card required.  You just need to provide an email address for the account details.  From there you’ll have a full week to test the service free of charge.  After the trial period you can sign up or let the service expire.

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