China Blocks Access to Instagram

It’s always disappointing when a country decides to block citizens access to social networks like Instagram.  That’s exactly what China is doing right now.  They are blocking access to Instagram since protesters in Hong Kong are using the site to share images and to help spread their pro-democracy message.  Many of the Instagram images include police using tear gas and pepper spray on the crowd protesting.


If you’re currently being blocked from Instagram or any other social network I would suggest a VPN service.

How does a VPN help unblock Instagram?

Let’s see how a VPN can help you access sites like Instagram from anywhere in the world (including China):

  • VPN allows you to acquire and use an IP address in the United States.
  • All traffic is routed through a secure tunnel to help ensure your privacy.
  • By accessing sites through the VPN server you can avoid blocks like the current Chinese Instragram block.
  • A fast connection is necessary for streaming.  VPN can help you achieve the best performance.

A good privacy service will allow you to tunnel to a server in the US and enjoy social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube from anywhere in the world.  Allowing you to view the social sites as if you were sitting in the United States.  The same is true for online services like Netflix that have geo-restrictions.

there are a number of VPN options out there.  I’d start with our top 5 VPN services and read some of the reviews.  China works hard to keep citizens from getting around the great firewall.  The VPN companies have to play a game of cat and mouse with the Chinese censors.  For that reason I would test a couple VPN providers and see which works best in your location.  You might also want to email their support with any pre-sales questions.  Some companies have separate client downloads for users in China.