CloudFlare Acquires CryptoSeal

CloudFlare recently announced the acquisition of CryptoSeal.  Ryan Lackey, the founder of CryptoSeal, will be joining the CloudFlare team as a project manager focused on new security projects.  Here’s some quick background for those unfamiliar with CryptoSeal.  The company started as part of the Y Combinator summer class in 2011.  The goal was to put on-premise VPN into the cloud (VPN as a service).  This seems like a good acquisition and hire for CloudFlare.  They get the technology and expertise that Mr. Lackey brings to the table.

CryptoSeal joins CloudFlare

Here’s some of what Ryan had to say in the related CloudFlare blog post:

“I’m really excited to work with CloudFlare to bring secure, easy-to-use networking to a huge number of sites and users,” Ryan told me when we were working on the deal. “CloudFlare really is the perfect company to deploy security technologies like Trusted Computing, robust cryptography, and secure networks to make the Internet a better place.”

We began the process of shutting down CryptoSeal’s service last week, shortly after the acquisition was finalized. We’ve notified current customers and expect the service to be retired completely by June 30, 2014. Ryan Lackey is joining CloudFlare’s team as a product manager focused on new security products. In the months to come, expect new product extensions that take advantage of CryptoSeal’s technology combined with our rapidly expanding network.

As you can see Ryan is excited to join the CloudFlare team and I’m sure they feel the same excitement about gaining his expertise.  CryptoSeal will shut down for good on June 30th.  At that time the  service will be retired.  If you are currently a member and would like advice on finding alternatives please take a look at our VPN provider list.  We have over 360 services for you to compare.  With hands-on reviews of several options.

Best of luck to Mr. Lackey and the CloudFlare team as they work to create new security product extensions.  With over two million web sites using CloudFlare they have quite an opportunity to extend CryptoSeal’s technology.

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