Cryptocloud Reborn as Cryptostorm

The original title for this post was going to be “Cryptocloud becomes Cryptostorm” but that wouldn’t fit the occasion.  After reading and learning more we found that the Cryptocloud team is doing more than transitioning domain names.  We’ve covered re-branding efforts in the past but that doesn’t fit either.  The guys at Cryptocloud have always been serious about privacy and they continue that quest with the new Cryptostorm project.


You can visit the site at to learn more about the service.  They also have an announcement that explains why Cryptocloud is going away in favor of the new Cryptostorm project.  At first glance we see a few differences.  They talk about rebuilding the network from the ground up with open-source client code.

It looks like Cryptostorm has a new home.  They mention that the network operations are rooted in Iceland with financials in Quebec.  Giving them the flexibility to run a strong privacy service in the years to come.

The other difference we noticed was price.  Cryptocloud was priced at $19.95 a month while Cryptostorm costs between $7 and $8 a month based on whether you pay with Bitcoin.  With term discounts available.

Best of luck to the Cryptocloud team as they transition to the new service.  Current members should receive info on moving over to Cryptostorm.  They also have a page for current customers that explains the process.

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