EarthVPN Add-On Features

EarthVPN has introduced a number of customizable add-on features for users of their online privacy service.  They start by offering unlimited access to their network of 87 server locations spread across 32 countries.  With support for a full assortment of VPN protocols including OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP and SSTP.  That’s all included in their $3.99 a month or $39.99 a year account.  Now users can add even more features to the service.

EarthVPN Add-on Options

In addition to having full access to the EarthVPN network you can add additional features.  They cost $1.99 a month each for those who sign up for monthly access.  Those who sign up for the annual term will pay $19.99 for each add-on feature.  Let’s take a closer look at EarthVPN’s new add-on options:

  • Additional VPN connection for mobile devices – a second simultaneous connection
  • 256-bit encryption for AES and SSL – enhanced security for AES and SSL protocols
  • Static IP address – get the same IP each time you connect to a specific location
  • SSH tunnel – enable proxy/SSH tunnel on all servers
  • Port forwarding – enable 1 dynamic port forwarding

The add-on options really enhance the EarthVPN service.  Of course you would add an additional $10 a month to have them all.  I would guess not many members will do that.  Instead you can pick and choose the options you want to use.  I like the additional connection, enhanced encryption and static IP address the most.

You can read our EarthVPN review to learn more about the service or visit to sign up.