Did EarthVPN Expose a User?

It appears that an EarthVPN user in the Netherlands was arrested and charged with emailing a bomb threat to his school.  The man denies the charges claiming someone stole his VPN account.  A post on the LowEndTalk forum that appears to represent a response from EarthVPN points the finger at the datacenter they were using in the Netherlands.  Stating that they don’t log but the datacenter was logging to protect against DDOS attacks.

EarthVPN arrest

As you can see above the response on LowEndTalk was sent under the EarthVPN handle stating:

Let me clarify some false accusations.  We do not keep logs and neither provide 3rd party as there are no logs to provide.

As this issue seems to be related within netherlands and we can disclose is one of our server in netherlands have been seized recently with a court order.  There are no logs kept on the servers so it is technically impossible to match a user of his activities.

What we can only suspect is the datacenter have IP transfer logs as we were also having DDOS protection.

After this circumstance happened we have cancelled our contract with the datacenter.

That’s really all we know right now.  The incident took place in June but the news was just made public in a related blog post by WipeYourData.  There is also a running discussion of the topic on Reddit.

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