ExpressVPN 4.0 iOS App Released

It’s the start of the holiday season and VPN provider’s are hard at work bringing you the latest and greatest.  The team at ExpressVPN just rolled out a huge update to their iOS app.  It requires iOS 8 or higher.  ExpressVPN 4.0 for iOS is a leap forward.  In the past you would use a VPN app to create a profile on iOS for a VPN connection.  The new ExpressVPN 4.0 for iOS let’s you connect and disconnect directly from the app with one click.

ExpressVPN iOS app

The new ExpressVPN 4.0 for iOS opens access to every server location.  You can easily select any location and connect with a single click.  Have a favorite location you like to connect to on a regular basis?  If so hit the star next to it and it will move to the top of the list for easy access in the future.

Here’s a quick view of the new ExpressVPN 4.0 for iOS:

ExpressVPN 4.0 for iOS

As you can see ExpressVPN’s iOS app has a nice user interface.  You can easily select a server from the list and see the server locations on a map.  You no longer need to set up a profile and go through system settings to connect to the VPN.  The app will let you easily connect and disconnect to any server location with a single click.  The ability for one-click connect is a huge upgrade and welcome addition for iOS users.

If you haven’t had the chance to try ExpressVPN I highly recommend their service.  All new members are covered by their 30 day money back guarantee.  That will give you plenty of time to test out the service.  Right now they are offering unlimited VPN from $8.32 a month.  As a member you’ll have access to the new iOS app along with Windows and Mac clients and their Android app.  ExpressVPN has a great reputation and is one of our favorites.

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