ExpressVPN Mac OS X Yosemite Update

Apple released their latest Mac OS X operating system last week.  Mac OS X Yosemite is available for free to all users.  As with any major update to OS X or iOS the new Yosemite can break functionality of previously installed applications.  The ExpressVPN team quickly addressed the issue by releasing a new version of their VPN app for Mac users.  Unfortunately the current version won’t automatically update but you can grab the new Yosemite compatible version from their site.  New members can test out ExpressVPN risk-free for 30 days.

ExpressVPN Mac OSX Yosemite

If you’re just getting ready to upgrade to Mac OS X Yosemite then go ahead and update your system.  It will take awhile.  After you’re up on the new version follow these instructions from ExpressVPN:

1. Go to our website.

2. Log in to your account with the email address you used to sign up for ExpressVPN. If you’ve forgotten your password, then just click the “Forgot your password?” link and we’ll help you reset it.

3. Click on the green “Setup my account” button in the customer dashboard.

4. Under the Mac menu, click on the link to download the Yosemite version.

5. Run the installer and it’ll install over your existing version of ExpressVPN.

If you need more assistance ExpressVPN has a related blog post with screenshots.  You can also contact their technical support for help.  The process is pretty straight forward so I don’t think you’ll have any trouble.  As mentioned in the instructions above the new ExpressVPN will install over your existing client.

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