Hide My Ass Mac Client Review

As a part-time MacBook and iMac user it’s great to see VPN companies starting to focus more effort on Mac clients.  Hide My Ass offers one of our favorite Windows clients.  Like most VPN companies they’ve primarily focused on Windows software in the past.  That’s changed as the new HMA client for Mac has the same look and feel as it’s Windows counterpart.  You’ll find several advanced features in the Mac version as well.  You can use the Mac client to connect to any of HMA’s 189 server locations in 91 countries from just $6.55 a month.

Hide My Ass Mac client

If you’ve ever used HMA’s Windows client then you’ll immediately notice the similarities to the new Mac client version 2.1 release.  The screen above shows the map overview of their VPN network.  You can also choose a server location from a list.  The dashboard will give you the option to connect to a server close to your current location for the best performance.  The client also has a speed guide.  Here’s a shot of the speed guide.

HMA Mac speed guide

As you can see the speed guide will help you find the servers that will perform the best from your current location.  Since I’m located in the Southeastern United States some of the best performing servers are located in Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina.  The speed guide will ping each server you select and score them based on performance.  As a general guide I would go with the highest scoring server for maximum speed.

When it comes to Mac I’m far from a power user.  After working on Windows for years I’m comfortable on a Mac but far from an expert.  I know we have several readers that are all about the Mac.  Please let us know what you think of the new client.  We’ll be more than happy to pass along any comments or suggestions to the HMA team.  From the little bit of time I’ve spent on the client it seems like a vast improvement for Mac users.

You can read our review of Hide My Ass to learn more about the service or sign up for unlimited VPN from just $6.55 a month during their promotion.  Follow us @VPNSP for the latest VPN news and special offers.