HideIPVPN Summer Promo

As temperatures heat up so do the VPN deals.  HideIPVPN is celebrating with a Summer promotion.  You can save up to 90% off their VPN and SmartDNS services by signinig up by June 14.  The savings includes 90% off 1 month, 70% off 3 months, and 50% off a year.  That may seem odd to save more on 1 month than a year.  The reason is that the promotion is an intro deal meaning that you save off the first billing cycle.

HideIPVPN Summer Promo

HideIPVPN offers a wide range of VPN plans along with Smart DNS service.  They are discounting all the plans during their Summer promo.  Here’s a look at the discounted pricing.  Remember the sale will be active through June 14th so if you’re interested in trying HideIPVPN this is the perfect time to sign up.  In my opinion it is best to sign up for a year during the promotion.  Otherwise you can enjoy the first month of any plan for $0.99 but the second month will revert back to retail pricing.

HideIPVPN Summer Promo pricing:

HideIPVPN offers both VPN and SmartDNS.  The main difference is privacy.  If you want to protect your online privacy then a VPN is the right option.  Their VPN provides encrypted access through a network of VPN servers in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands and Germany.  You can choose the best VPN plan based on server locations.  Most their VPN plans also include SmartDNS access free of charge.

Smart DNS services differ from VPN in that they do not offer encrypted access.  You can think of SmartDNS as a proxy that helps unblock content in other countries.  It doesn’t provide encryption like a VPN so you won’t have that extra layer of privacy and anonymity.  It’s also faster since encryption adds overhead.  HideIPVPN SmartDNS service costs less than VPN.  With unlimited access to unblock sites in the US, UK and Poland.

HideIPVPN won’t leave you guessing as to which sites and services you can unblock using SmartDNS.  Paid services like Netflix will require that you have an account.  Their SmartDNS service will give you access to the Netflix site as if you were sitting in the United States.  That’s just an example.  Here’s are just a few of the sites that the HideIPVPN SmartDNS service will help you unblock:

  • United States – Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, Crackle, HBO GO, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, Spotify, Pandora
  • United Kingdom – Netflix, BBC iPlayer, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Sky Go, NOW TV, LOVEFILM
  • Poland – Kinoplex, VOD.onet.pl, Player.pl, TVP.pl, Cineman, Strefa VOD, oPlex.pl, HBO GO

Visit HideIPVPN.com and sign up by June 14 to save.  Follow us @VPNSP for the latest VPN deals.