First Look at New HMA Pro VPN Client

The HMA team has been hard at work developing new Windows and Mac apps.  We’re excited to share a first look at their Windows client beta.  We just downloaded the software earlier today so we haven’t had a lot of time to put it through the paces yet.  Before we do we wanted to share the new user interface.  It’s very streamlined and easy to use compared to the old HMA client software.  Want to try it for yourself?  If so you can sign up for HMA from just $6.55 a month during their current promotion.  After you subscribe to HideMyAss the next step is to visit their beta page.  From there you can download and start using the new Windows or Mac client right away.

HMA Windows VPN client version 3

From left to right the images above show the log in screen followed by the main interface, and finally a screenshot of the client connecting to the server we chose in Atalanta.  Anyone who has experience with HideMyAss will notice the drastic difference between the new app and the old client software.  The new app is definitely easier to use.  It lacks the advanced features in older versions.  Perhaps some of them will be added as the beta moves forward.  For now you can simply click on the server location to select from any HMA server location.  You don’t have the option to choose the specific server anymore but the app makes it easy to browse and search for server locations.  You can also switch servers and IP addresses anytime.

I hope you enjoyed our first look at the new HMA client beta version 3.  We look forward to putting it through the paces in the days to come.  By all means we encourage you to do the same.  Just remember the client is in beta so you can anticipate some hick ups along the way.  Be patient and share any feedback with the HMA team.  For those who prefer a more technical interface, HMA still supports the previous version.  Those new to HMA that want to protect your online privacy and unblock content will find the new app very easy to use.

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