ibVPN Holiday Promotion

The team at ibVPN is celebrating the season with a Winter Holiday Promotion.  You can save 30% off any VPN or Smart DNS (ibDNS) account during the special.  I’m quite fond of their Ultimate VPN package which includes access to their full network of VPN servers plus two ibDNS connections.  Enjoy an extra layer of online privacy with ibVPN and unblock geographic restrictions with the ibDNS service.  The sale is live and will end on January 2nd.

ibVPN Winter Holiday Offer

In addition to the holiday season, ibVPN is getting ready to celebrate their 5th anniversary next month.  Five years in the VPN space makes ibVPN a veteran.  They have been helping protect members online privacy and enhancing the service over the years.  ibVPN now offers a network of 80+ VPN servers in 35 countries.  They support OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP protocols.  I especially like the addition of their ibDNS service which is great for those who want to unblock geographic restrictions without the overhead of encrypting your connection.

Let’s take a look at the savings during the Winter Holiday Offer:

  • Ultimate VPN – from $4.83 a month
  • Total VPN – from $4.08 a month
  • ibDNS – from $2.15 a month
  • Torrent VPN – from $2.15 a month
  • US and CA VPN – from $2.15 a month
  • UK and Ireland VPN – from $2.15 a month
  • EU VPN – from $2.15 a month
  • Family VPN – from $9.91 a month

All prices shown above are discounted 30% off the normal retail price.  The Ultimate VPN and Total VPN packages include Smart DNS.  The Ultimate plan includes exclusive access to 17 servers along with a second ibDNS connection.  The Ultimate plan would be my choice.  Especially with the 30%off holiday discount.  Remembers the ibVPN Winter Holiday Offer is live and will run through January 2nd so sign up soon to save.