IPVanish Android App Review

IPVanish just released a new Android app v1.5 for their popular VPN service.  Members with Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) or higher can download it from their site for free.  Best of all we tested the new app with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and it works great.  We’ll share some tips along with a review.  If you’re new to VPN or haven’t had a chance to try IPVanish then take advantage of their current special.  They are kindly offering our guests unlimited access to their network of 225+ VPN servers in 60 countries from just $4.87 a year.

IPVanish Android App Setup

You can visit the IPVansih site to learn more about the new Android app or download it directly from Google Play.  When the client launches you’ll have a chance to select a server.  Before you connect for the first time the app will ask you to enter your username / password.  You can have it save your credentials.

App Usage and Performance

Let’s take a look at the IPVanish Android app on an LG G4 running Android Marshmallow.

IPVanish Android

We use IPVanish all the time, especially when traveling.  Their software has always been easy to use so we were anxious to test out the new version of their Android app.  The app is free for members so we updated it this morning.  After the quick install we fired it right up.  The server selection screen makes it easy to choose any of their 225+ servers in 60+ countries.  You can select a server and switch between them anytime.

The server list is sorted by response time be default.  That’s our preference since it provides the best performance.  You can also set it to sort by country.  We tested connections in the United States, United Kingdom and the Netherlands.  All of which worked without any issues.  After connecting you can view usage stats.  We stayed online for awhile and the speed was good.  We were easily able to unblock sites and stream content through the VPN connection.

In conclusion we enjoyed testing the new IPVanish Android app v1.5 and look forward to using it on a regular basis.  The app is easy to use and the interface is intuitive.  You simply scroll through the servers and connect to any of them, changing IP addresses each time you switch.  Visit IPVanish.com and test it out for yourself.