IPVanish Doubles IP Addresses

The IPVanish team continues to grow their popular VPN service.  In 2013 they expanded the IPVanish network from 60 servers in 28 countries to over 110 servers in 47 countries.  In addition to the new server locations they released new mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.  Along with new functionality to their Windows and Mac clients.  Not to mention price.  With unlimited VPN access from $5.20 a month it’s not wonder IPVanish recently doubled their IP address pool.  They now have more than 14,000 IP addresses available worldwide.

IPVanish network

What does it mean to have 14,000 IP addresses?  In short it means that IPVanish can handle more users.  A lot of people think that the number of IP addresses equals the number of customers a service can support.  That’s not the case as most VPN services including IPVanish use shared IP addresses.  Meaning more than one member is using an IP address at the same time.  That adds another layer of privacy for customers.

With the fast growth of their network and user base I think IPVanish is positioned to become the largest VPN service in the next couple years.  That’s saying something given the size and quality of services like Hide My Ass and StrongVPN.  The IPVanish team has the advantage of price and performance.  Managing their own network in important locations like the United States and Europe gives them an advantage in terms of speed and cost.

I’ve seen growth impact VPN providers in negative ways.  A lot of times a service that was fast and reliable early on will break down as their membership increases.  That isn’t a concern with IPVanish.  They have over 15 years of experience in network management and content delivery.  They provide CDN service to some of the same big name streaming services and games you access through the VPN.  They can handle the growth without issue.

Cheers to the IPVanish team as they continue to grow and expand.  As always we’ll test the performance of all our top providers on a regular basis.  Over the past year and a half  IPVanish has led the way throughout North America and Europe.  Looking at their server list we noticed that the highest capacity in the middle of the day was 33% with most servers well under 10% capacity.  You can read our review to learn more about the service.