The Growth of IPVanish IP Addresses

Along with the rapid growth of IPVanish comes the need for more IP addresses.  We’re not too surprised as we’ve watched and documented the fast growth of their network over the last six months.  In December the IPVanish network included 56 servers in 21 countries and 2,500 IP’s.  Not bad at all but nothing like where they are now.  The network now consists of 101 servers in 43 countries and 7,000 IP addresses.

IPVanish offers 7,000 IP addresses

What does tripling IP addresses really mean?  For starters it means that IPVanish is ready to support their ever growing customer base.  As a member I’m happy to see them expanding into new locations.  Giving subscribers access to over 100 servers in 43 countries for the same price we paid a year ago.

Do you know how IP addresses work for VPN providers?  IPVanish and many other leading VPN services use shared IP”s.  Which means you are using the same address as other users on their network.  With shared addresses the IPVansh network can use their 7,000 IP’s to support tens of thousands of users.

We like using the IPvanish client to switch between servers.  Doing so also changes your IP address.  We might start on a server in the United States where the connection is really fast for streaming Netflix.  Then move on to a server in the United Kingdom to watch some BBC programming.  All with the click of a mouse.

Cheers to IPVanish for their continued efforts.  You can enjoy unlimited VPN access from $6.49 a month.