IPVanish Winter Olympics Promotion

It’s almost time for the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi and the team over at IPVanish is celebrating with a special promotion.  They are offering 25% off your first term (month, quarter, year) for anyone who signs up for service between February 5th and February 21st.  To take advantage of the offer visit ipvanish.com and enter promo code sochi during check out.  With servers in 47 countries you can enjoy lots of Olympic coverage.

IPVanish Olympics Promotion

Those traveling to the Olympic Games will be happy to hear that IPVanish has a server in Moscow.  You will definitely want to encrypt your online activities while on vacation.  Especially on wi-fi networks like your hotel and even at event locations.  I suggest you connect to the server in Moscow.   Make sure to use their mobile VPN apps as well.  Members can connect with two devices simultaneously using a single account.

VPN services saw a huge surge in usage during the 2012 Olympics in London.  One of the big reasons for the popularity of VPN during that time was the BBC coverage of the Games.  We look forward to watching coverage from the BBC and outlets in other countries.  A privacy service like IPVanish will let you access streaming sites as if you were sitting in that country.  That’s an added bonus during popular events with worldwide appeal.

I should also note that IPVanish has been kind enough to offer our visitors 20% off the first three billing cycles of any term.  If you plan to be a member more than one term then it makes sense to use our IPVanish coupon code.  If one term is all you are looking for then sign up using promo code sochi for 25% off the first billing cycle.  Remember to sign up by February 21st to take advantage of their Olympic offer.