IPVanish Launches Turkish Site

Internet users in Turkey continue to be censored.  In the latest round of censorship the Turkish Parliament approved new measures.  The Turkish telecommunications authority (TIB) can block any website without the courts permission.  In addition Internet service providers are forced to keep track of users activities and retain the records for two years.  They are also required to share them with the government any time they request.

In response to the latest moves of the Turkish government to censor their citizens the IPVanish team launched a site completely translated into Turkish.  They also partnered with Saklansana to offer a security blog and forum for those whose primary language is Turkish.  All of these efforts will ensure that the citizens of Turkey have the opportunity to protect their privacy online.  With servers worldwide IPVanish can handle the task at hand.

IPVanish Turkish Website

The new IPVanish Turkish website address is http://www.ipvanish.com/tr/index.php

In addition to a Turkish IPVanish blog: http://blog.saklansana.com/

They also have a Turkish IPVanish forum: http://vpn.saklansana.com/

All of these resources specialize in helping protect the online privacy of those living in Turkey.  You can rely on the experience of IPVanish to help move past the draconian actions of the government.  Companies like IPVanish are helping lead the way to ending online censorship one member at a time.  Join them to help protect your online privacy.  IPVanish offers unlimited access to VPN servers in 47 countries from just $5.20 a month.