IronSocket Network 2.0 Migration

The IronSocket team is hard at work migrating their network.  The current network 2.0 project is underway.  Over the next 60 days IronSocket will be shutting down their old servers and moving them over to the new network 2.0 infrastructure.  We’ll get into the improvements in a moment.  If you’re a current IronSocket member I suggest you also read their related blog posts here and here for more details on the transition.  You can also visit their network page for the latest server updates.  New members can sign up from just $4.16 a month.

IronSocket  network 2.0

Here’s a list of updates coming with the launch of the IronSocket 2.0 network:

Faster Server Speeds – Our new robust network infrastructure gives you much faster data transfer (up to 10 times faster) when using our VPN service and our SOCKS5 and HTTP proxies.

Added 3 Levels of Encryption for OpenVPN – Strong, light, and none! All encryption levels use a 4096-bit key for Secure Authentication and here are the differences between the levels.

  • Strong – This our Default configuration that uses AES 256-bit Data Encryption with SHA256 Message Authentication. It is recommended to all users for Maximum Privacy and Military-Grade Security, but has the slowest data transfer speeds because of the large encryption overhead.
  • Light – This configuration uses Blowfish 128-bit Data Encryption. It allows for Faster Data Transfer while still offering a basic level of data encryption.
  • None – This configuration uses No Data Encryption, at all. This option offers Maximum VPN Speeds. It is only recommended when Data Encryption is not required, and you want to hide your real IP address or location.

DNS Region Switching – Now out of Beta! We offer 7 new global DNS servers, all with Region Switching enabled. Just select the DNS server closest to you, configure your Region Settings, and start watching the content you want! Remember, you need to make sure your IP Address is authorized to access the service.

A New and Easier Way to Connect – We now support the use of .OVPN files to connect to our new 2.0 servers. This makes server selection and connecting as easy as clicking a button to download and use the configuration file with the OpenVPN Connect software. You may want to consider upgrading to the latest OpenVPN Connect version for Windows and Mac if it’s been a while since you have last upgraded your OpenVPN application. In the near future, we will be releasing our very own downloadable OpenVPN client to make the setup process even easier.

Added More OpenVPN Backup Ports – We now offer additional ports to use with OpenVPN in locations that try to block known VPN ports. Best of all, the software will automatically try to connect using a different port if one does not work.

Cheers to the IronSocket team and best of luck in the migration process.  I’m sure the next couple months will be very busy.  Visit to learn more about VPN.  Follow us @VPNSP for the latest VPN news and deals.