iVPN Windows Client Beta

The iVPN team is testing a new Windows client.  They have invited all members to try out the new software.  You can download it directly from their web site  The client has a standard look.  With dropdown boxes for server location and protocol/port number.  The settings tab gives users access to customize the client.  They have some nice advanced features to help ensure the users privacy while using the iVPN service.

iVPN Windows client

Here’s a list of features from the iVPN client post:

  • Full Privacy leak detection/alert and blocking – The application will immediately block all connections and alert the user with a popup screen when it detects that traffic may flow outside of the VPN e.g. if there is a disconnection for any reason. No traffic can flow (incoming and outgoing) until the user explicitly clicks on the ‘unblock’ button. Note, this feature is not available on Windows XP.
  • Fully automated updates of new VPN gateways – The application will transparently check for a cryptographically signed list of servers every few minutes. This means that we can deploy new servers and you will have them available within minutes. The server list is cryptographically signed to ensure the integrity of the data i.e. no MITM attacks where the server IP’s are changed to one under the adversaries control.
  • Notification of upgrades – When we publish a new version you will receive a notification within the application that a new version is available to download.
  • Start at login – Ensure that the application is always loaded when the operating system starts.
  • Automatically  connect to last server on startup  – If you always connect to the same server you can now have the application connect automatically on startup.
  • Automatically connect to last server when joining insecure wifi – If you connect to a WIFI network without encryption enabled the client will automatically establish a VPN connection to the last server you connected to.
  • Built in OBFS Proxy – If you are located in a jurisdiction where OpenVPN is blocked you can enable the built in OBFS Proxy software to obfuscate your connection to the VPN server, bypassing common Internet filtering systems.
  • Additional ports – You can now connect to all singlehop servers on UDP/53 and TCP 80. UDP/53 is commonly used for DNS request traffic and is often open when all other ports are blocked.

Visit iVPN.net to learn more about their service along with downloading the new Windows client.  You can also visit VPNSP.com to learn more about VPN providers.  Follow us @VPNSP for the latest news and updates.