LiquidVPN DNS and IPS Features

The LiquidVPN team is hard at work creating a full suite of security products to compliment their growing VPN service.  Today we’ll talk about their new LiquidDNS and LiquidIPS features.  Along with the addition of Liquid Viscosity.  LiquidVPN members can download Viscosity for free.  The popular VPN client is available for both Windows and Mac.  Thanks to LiquidVPN for offering our visitors 20% off the first billing cycle of any term.

LiquidVPN Security Features

Let’s take a quick look at the new LiquidVPN features:


LiquidDNS is a zero logging DNS service.  Most people rely on their ISP for DNS resolution.  That means when you type in your ISP takes the URL and translates it into the corresponding IP address.  Some may also use free DNS services like Google to avoid their ISP logging.  The trade off is that Google logs as well.  With LiquidDNS your DNS queries are not logged.  Providing you with an extra layer of privacy while using the service.  LiquidDNS is available to all LiquidVPN members at no additional cost.


LiquidIPS is an add-on feature that can be added to any LiquidVPN member’s account.  IPS stands for intrusion prevention system.  Think of IPS as an extra layer of protection beyond the VPN.  When you connect to a website or click on a link in your email there’s always the chance the result will include malware or other harmful attacks.  LiquidIPS will help protect your system from these attacks by preventing them from happening.  Like everything else IPS isn’t a catch all but the system learns as it goes which improves the results.

Liquid Viscosity

Viscosity is a popular VPN client.  I still prefer custom software but Viscosity is easier to use than the native OpenVPN client and additional scripts.  LiquidVPN users can download a free copy of Viscosity for Windows and a free copy for Mac.  That’s a nice addition since Viscosity is a premium third-party client.  The LiquidVPN team has additional scripts for advanced features like Internet kill switch, application kill switch, DNS leak protection, advanced routing, proxy support, traffic stats and more.  All are available to members.

There’s another area of LiquidVPN that’s continuing to spur growth.  They have greatly expanded their account offerings.  With monthly, semi-annual and annual subscriptions.  Along with no subscription plans and dedicated IP accounts.  We’ll touch on the new accounts in a future post.  For now head on over to their site and try out their new advanced LiquidDNS, LiquidIPS and Liquid Viscosity features.  Remember to use our 20% off link to save on your first billing cycle for any term including the already discounted annual plan.