Montana Zombie Invasion Hack

Remember to focus on the Zombie’s head.  Take out their brain or your in for a long fight.  We can joke now but viewers in Great Falls and North Central Montana were greeted by an emergency alert warning them of a zombie invasion earlier this evening.  You can watch the Zombie hack video on YouTube.  Apparently someone hacked into the Emergency Alert System and announced the zombie apocalypse was underway.

Here are some exerts from the Montana Zombie alert:

Civil authorities in your area have reported that the bodies of the dead are rising from their graves and attacking the living.

Follow the messages on-screen that will be updated as information becomes available.

The warning applies to all areas receiving this broadcast.

Tune into 920 AM to get updated information in the event you are separated from your television or if electrical service is interrupted.

This station will now cease transmission, so please use your battery-powered radio, tune into 920 AM for information.

It doesn’t appear the hackers released any further messages on KRTV or 920 AM.  The radio station pays oldies and classical hits.  Located in West Yellowstone.  A great place to visit but not a message you want to hear.

KRTV released the following statement on their website:

Bogus emergency alert message transmitted

Someone apparently hacked into the Emergency Alert System and announced on KRTV and the CW that there was an emergency in several Montana counties.

This message did not originate from KRTV, and there is no emergency.

Our engineers are investigating to determine what happened and if it affected other media outlets.

While the message was funny in this instance it might not be next time around.  Securing our airwaves is important during natural disasters and also for national security.  The Emergency Alert System is there for a reason and today that didn’t include a zombie warning.  Though if it ever does…remember…aim for the head.

With all joking aside we test VPN services and related products.  There are a lot of very smart people out there working to help protect your data from hackers.  If you’re reading this post for the entertainment value of the zombie message we hope you’ll also consider taking precautions to help ensure your own safety online.