Name Your Own Price for VPN

CyberGhost is running a new promotion to help spread the word about their online privacy service and VPN in general.  They recently launched a new campaign on that allows visitors to name their own price for a year of CyberGhost Special Edition.  We tested out the site and found that you can pay as little as 5 € for a year of VPN access.  When we visited the average user was paying 7,47 € which is just crazy cheap.

How much is privacy worth?

Earlier this month we had a chance to test the new CyberGhost 5.0 client.  The new user interface is really nice.  You can easily connect to servers around the world.  Including locations in the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, United Kingdom, United States and the Ukraine.  Their latest promotion should bring a lot of new members to their premium service.

For comparison purposes CyberGhost offers their Premium VPN plan on their own site for 49,99 € a year.  Their name your own price promotion will run through August 1st.  You can visit to sign up.

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