Will Netflix Block Your VPN?

That’s the question we’ve been getting over and over again for the past few days.  Ever since posts on Reddit and an article on TorrentFreak the web has been set a blaze with stories of Netflix clamping down on VPN services.  Netflix has since responded that their policy hasn’t changed toward VPN users.  Yet the lingering question is still whether or not Netflix will block your VPN?  If they do what other options are available?

Netflix blocked message

We should start by quickly summarizing the recent events.  Just after Christmas users started sharing complaints on Reddit after they were unable to access Netflix through what they referred to as DNS VPN services like Unblock-Us and Unotelly.  That got users wondering whether or not their VPN would be blocked.  After testing several leading VPN services I’m happy to share that none of them are having any issues accessing Netflix from outside the United States.  That should help calm a lot of concerns.

What’s going on then?  What is all the fuss about?  Netflix did in fact make a change recently that is causing issues for Android users.  The change is specifically impacting Smart DNS services like Unblock-Us, UnoTelly and Smart DNS Proxy.  That’s different from VPN.  If you are using Smart DNS then you will be impacted by the latest update to the Netflix Android app.  The latest Android app release sends users through Google for DNS.

Just to recap, VPN users are good to go.  If you ever have issues with your VPN then I suggest you connect to a different server.  If that fails try another VPN provider.  I personally tested more than 10 large VPN services without any issues.  If you use Smart DNS and plan to watch Netflix on your Android device then I would refer to your provider for support.  The teams at Unblock-Us and Unotelly have notices posted to help users.

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